Saturday, January 22, 2011

Apple to Apples & Our Family's Addiction to Board Games

Our family LOVES to play board games.  If you could see our coat closet and the boys' closets you would know that we have an addiction- to board games.  Over the years we have accumulated probably close to 50 board games and by the condition of the boxes you can tell that they have been played over and over.  Eric has even made his own board game, pieces and all, called Battle Zone (a missionary board game)!

For a good long while my personal favorite game was Monopoly.  I have great memories of playing that game with my younger brother and we would drag the game out for days.  We would make our own rules just to keep the game going.

But I have a new favorite game- Apple to Apples.  Oh my goodness do we laugh when we play this game!!!  It is a game of comparisons and each player gets a turn to judge each round.  For instance, the topical card could be something like "Funny".  Out of the 7 cards you have in your hand you find a card that you could put down that fits the definition of "funny".  You can be silly with your answer or serious.  Unfortunately sometimes you just have to put down the best card that you have.  Your playing cards can be anything from people to places and everything in between.  Typically when we play with our game night friends from church we get pretty silly.

Last evening we allowed our oldest son, Jeremiah, to join in.  While most of the words were over his head, he did very well.  I think for his birthday we will get him Apples to Apples Junior.  There is even a Bible Edtion!  What we especially like about this game is that it is relatively easy to play and there are no pieces or dice involved, just cards.  When there are 8 people around your dinning room table it is easy to just have to keep track of cards.  Another aspect that we really like about the game is that it can spur really great discussions and you learn about each other.  So if your family is into games and you have yet to play Apple to Apples, our family gives it a two thumb's up!!

What board games do you and your families enjoy and why?


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