Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Beginnings

Happy New Year!  2010 was certainly a year of growth and change for our family.  2011 is already proving to be a year full of growth and blessings and we are so excited for all that is ahead for us.

First, we began homeschooling our boys this past fall.  Thus far it is proving to be a wonderful endeavor and I am so thankful to be able to be at home with my boys every day.  Is it easy?  Hardly.  Homeschooling is a lifestyle that never stops as there is always a teachable moment.  That and teaching 3 boys, each in a different grade can be challenging for anyone.  But I love that my boys are flexible and enjoy learning.  Not to mention that they are all super smart!

Second, we had Eric home with us for 8 months as he applied to ministry positions all over the country.  He graduated from Seminary in August (with honors!) and was eager and ready to step into full-time ministry.  It was tough going through the entire process: the applications, the phone interviews, the surveys, the in person interviews, etc... but we did not have to go too far to find where God wanted our family.  Eric was recently hired as the Associate Minister at our home church, Southwest Christian Church!  We are so happy to be able to remain a part of such a wonderful church family that is growing and has so much going for it.  Our boys were especially happy as it had been their prayer all along that their Daddy would be able to work at their church.  It was weird the first day that Eric went into work for a whole day, but we regained the best part of our day and that is when Daddy comes home from work.  The boys like to hide and our dog, Jax, likes to run out and greet Daddy at the car.  It is also my favorite time of the day when I get my hug and kiss and get to serve Eric a nice supper.

Finally, we have decided to add one more to our family via the ministry of adoption.  We are still only in the very beginning stages and are in the process of committing to a special little boy, but with each day that passes, it brings us one day closer to bringing our special little man home.  We are hoping to adopt through a ministry called Reece's Rainbow.  This ministry places children with special needs with forever families.  The particular special need that we will be facing is Down's Syndrome, and the child is in Eastern Europe.  At this time I have nothing more to share but cannot wait until I can share more with you all.  Just know that this decision was not made in haste.  It is something that has weighed on our hearts since 2006 and this is not the first time we have investigated adoption.  The only difference this time is that we are actively pursuing a particular little boy in desperate need of a forever family.  Please pray for us as we begin the process!

In the meantime I look forward to sharing our journeys of the New Year with you!

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