Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Sweet Surprise & Major Cleaning

This morning Eric arrived at work to find another mystery envelope on his desk containing a generous donation from a member of our church.  Whoever you are (and I know you read this because you said you did in your first note!), thank you!  We will be able to put that towards passport renewals and fingerprinting!  We are blessed and grateful.  Moreover, Daniel will be grateful when he sees his momma and poppa for the first time, knowing that he has a forever family!  While we have not been doing any major fundraising within our church family, those that know us and support us has have been so generous and helpful.  We thank all of you (you know who you are) !

This past weekend has been hectic as we have been preparing for our home study that takes place tomorrow evening.  Our house needed a good scrubbing, some things needed to be pitched in the trash, furniture needed to be moved about, and Eric had to put together a bunk bed for Nathan and Daniel.  How exciting!  Nathan is super pleased with his new bed, though he desperately wants to get his new brother home so he can share his room.  Once the bunk beds were set up and made, it suddenly seemed so real to us all that we will soon have another little man in our home.  What a wonderful feeling that was.

Yesterday we took a break from the cleaning, but that was mainly because this momma got some food poisoning from a sub sandwich Saturday evening.  Wowza!  My stomach hurt so bad that I could hardly stand it!  Thankfully I never actually got sick, but the pain lasted until early this afternoon.  So glad that is over.

So today I concentrated on the kitchen and really whipped it into shape.  It can get messy so easily because we allow the boys to get their own snacks (with permission, of course!) and they are learning how to pour their own drinks.  While I certainly clean up after them or have them do it, it still is not perfect and well...I want it to be perfect for tomorrow!  In the meantime poor Elijah had to go to the dentist to get his first and hopefully last filling.  He has had this cavity for a few weeks now, but the earliest that he could be seen by the dentist was today.  That poor boy has put up with his hurting tooth long enough!  Eric and I assured him, however, that this will be easypeasy compared to when he broke his elbow and had the pins put in or his sinus surgeries.  Regardless, it will be a load off of Elijah's shoulders once it is all done and over with.

Oh and don't forget our Old Navy $50 gift card giveaway!!  You have until March 1st and all you need to do is make a donation to our Paypal account (of any amount) and the boys will draw a name at random early on the morning of March 2nd.  We will make a video of it so you can see them pull the name.  Also, if you love Fair Trade Coffee we have our own little online coffee shop and $5 of each bag of Fair Trade coffee you purchase will go towards our adoption expenses as well.  Look for the link on the left-hand side of the blog.  Then we have our "Dima Day" at Easy Street Family Fun Center on Tuesday, March 8th from 4:00 - 9:00.  50% of all proceeds will also go towards our traveling expenses.  So come on out and enjoy a great evening of fun while helping to bring home our son!!  And FINALLY, for those of you that are interested, I am in the process of setting up an online Pampered Chef party via a sweet gal from Pittsburgh.  No need to attend a party, just shop online at your leisure!  That will also benefit our traveling expenses.  There is more to come, but we also need to get crackalackin' on our dossier papers.  Eric and I are open to ideas and suggestions, too, so don't be shy!

Finally, I heard about a fire that destroyed an orphanage in Latvia.  Click here to read the full story.  So very sad.  It made me pray all the more for Daniel's safety.  Please pray for the orphans that survived.  They must be so traumatized....


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