Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Love Coffee

First, thank you to those of you participating in our Old Navy Gift Card giveaway.  We really appreciate your financial support.

Second, we are making good progress on our homes study papers.  As of right now everything is filled out and or submitted, we just need to get our physicals done.  After the physicals we will need to renew our passports and the MAJOR paper work chase can begin.  Our actual home study will take place this Tuesday evening and we are excited to meet with our social worker.  The boys will give her the grand tour of our home and Nathan is especially excited to show her his bedroom- where he and Daniel will be sleeping!  This does mean, however, that I have some MAJOR cleaning to do this weekend!  Our house is not by any means dirty, but I have 3 boys and a dog.  Enough said, right?

Finally, Eric and I have set up an account with Just Love Coffee to help raise funds for our adoption.  We have a storefront and everything!  With each bag of coffee that is purchased, we receive $5.00 of that.  For now the money will go towards traveling expenses and we will keep the tore up and running up through our adoption.  This fine company allows families adopting children with special needs to keep the store up so they can cover immediate medical expenses for their adopted child.  As far as we know with Daniel he has no major medical issues, but we will be getting him fully checked out by the pediatrician when we get home.  Sometimes children that have lived in orphanages have tonsil and adenoid issues (we are no stranger to that!), they might need glasses, and possibly some dental work.  So if you are interested, click here to check out our online coffee shop!

*We also get a return on hats, mugs, t-shirts, scoops, etc... so shop away!!!

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