Monday, February 14, 2011

Mystery Donor & Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday at church somebody blessed us with some cash to go towards immediate adoption expenses.  Sadly we do not know who this individual is, but we would like to thank that person.  We appreciate your generosity.  We have physicals coming up as well as some expensive background stuff to take care of so that is most likely how that money will be used.

And lest we not forget that it is Valentine's Day!!  We have no romantic plans, but we do make Valentine's Day more about the boys.  So today the boys and I  spent the day with our homeschool group, CHEA, and celebrated Valentine's Day together.  The boys played hard and had fun with their friends.  I think it is safe to say that I have 3 boys that will sleep well tonight (yay!).  And whoever said that homeschool kids do not get much socialization is nuts- I can hardly keep up with their social lives!!

My dear husband also did not forget that it was Valentine's Day and surprised me with a flowers, balloons, and candy.  The candy he hid in the house and I had to follow clues to find it which was fun.  Hopefully we can go out on a date soon....maybe.

We were also blessed with bunk beds today!  Nathan (aka Sammy) will be sharing a room with his new brother and in order to do so bunk beds were needed.  Tami Chapman from CHEA graciously offered to pass along a set of bunk beds that her children no longer use and we can pick them up sometime in the next week or so.  WOW!  Thank you, Tami!!!

I wonder if Daniel knew it was Valentine's Day.....hopefully somewhere deep in his heart he knows that his mama and poppa love him so very much and would hug and him kiss him if they could.  His brothers are also thinking of him today and would love to share their candy with him and read Valentine messages to him.

Well, I could write more, but I better catch up on some chores since we were gone all day.  Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!


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