Friday, February 25, 2011

No Regrets

Thursdays are exciting days in the Reece's Rainbow community.  We all eagerly await the news of whose dossiers have been submitted and who will soon be traveling to meet their precious children.  Yesterday was no exception and there was even some playful banter among families eagerly awaiting the happy news.  Sure enough some dossiers had made it safely overseas!  We rejoiced with the families and for me personally it gave me hope that someday in the not too distant future Eric and I will receive the same happy news, too.  Only one of the families received devastating news, news that no adoptive family ever wants to hear.

A family in our community (Reece's Rainbow) had been working feverishly to bring home not one, but two precious little ones.  A boy and girl.  You can read about their experience here.  Apparently their baby girl passed away during heart surgery the day before the dossier arrived in country and their little boy's biological family put a halt to that adoption.  What painful, painful news to receive at what should be a joyous time.  Please pray for this family as they grieve their losses and decide what their next step will be.  Pray that the Lord would give them peace in comfort.

This is an example, however, of how adoptive families really put themselves on the line for children they have never even met.  Just because Eric and I have "committed" to Daniel does not guarantee that we will absolutely get to adopt him.  We are doing it because that is what God has asked us to do and we trust Him without hesitation.  Even if after all of our paper chases, expenses, time, and effort something were to happen where we were not able to adopt Daniel, we would not, for one second, regret even trying.  We believe that God blesses those who are obedient to Him, and will do so, even if it means making sacrifices. Of course we pray that all goes well with Daniel's adoption and that we do not come up against any major roadblocks.  The love that we have for that child is the same as the love we have for our 3 boys that are with us right now; unconditional, strong, and unwavering for anyone or anything.  Eric and I will continue to walk forward with confidence until any "powers that be" (i.e. judges, not friends and family) tell us otherwise.  And in the meantime we will enjoy all that we are learning about ourselves, each other, and our boys.  I can see how Daniel already brings out the best in each of us and I pray that someday we can all bring out the best in Daniel, too.

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