Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway!

I am pleased to announce our first blog giveaway to benefit our stateside adoption expenses!  If you have questions regarding the cost of our adoption, please refer to this entry where I have broken everything down.  As you will see we have quite a bit of cost involved with some stateside expenses and we must clear those hurdles before our dossier can even be sent over to Eastern Europe.

Up for grabs is a $50 gift card to Old Navy! All you need to do is make a donation to our personal Paypal (refer to the button on the left-hand side of this blog that is for our immediate adoption expenses). Please make certain that you leave your real name and contact information when you make your donation.  On Tuesday, March 1st one of our boys will randomly draw a name out of a hat and choose the winner of the gift card.  You have 2 weeks to enter!  Only donations that have been made between February 15th and March 1st of 2011 will count towards this giveaway.

Your donation can be as little or as much as you want.  We will be grateful for even a dollar, but of course we are hoping to raise as much support as we can.  I want to make it clear that donations to our personal Paypal account are not tax deductible!  If you want to make a tax deductible donation you must donate to our Reece's Rainbow Grant.  We also welcome donations to that account as it will help with travel expenses.  We just cannot even think of traveling, however, until all of our dossier paperwork is in order.  So that is why we are raising money for stateside expenses at this time.

If you do not live near us, please do not be shy in participating!  We will happily send the gift card to you!  Happy donating!

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Senorita Tortuga said...

I was referred to your blog and I donated $5. I know it's not much - but I wanted to help.
(We're a single income, military family)
I hope your son comes home soon!