Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Dossier

Today I checked my email and found our Dossier packets were waiting in my inbox!  It was exciting and overwhelming in one fell swoop...not really sure what else to say other than if y'all do not hear from us any time soon it is because we are buried under a MASSIVE mountain of paper work!  We were also privileged to learn Daniel's given birth name.  At this time I am unable to share that with you but I was pleased with our decision to rename him Daniel.  No offense to his birth parents and the name they chose or anything.

I will also take a moment and be real about this whole process.  It is not easy.  But just because it is not an easy process does not mean that it is not worth doing.  Stressful?  You bet.  Expensive?  Oh yeah!  But the outcome?  Priceless.  Eric and I just need to remind each other and the boys (they get impatient, too!) that with each signature, each trip to the bank for papers to be notarized, and each fax sent off, that we are one step closer to bringing that awesome little man home forever.  I would like to also reassure anyone with any reservations that Eric and I have a realistic expectation that it will take time for our family to adjust.  Daniel will need to learn a whole new language, a new culture, and what it means to be part of a family.  It does not happen over night.  I am grateful, however, that he is currently in a decent orphanage and being well taken care of.  He is potty trained, he plays with toys, he has friends, and his caregivers are truly caring people.  That will make a huge difference for Daniel.  I pray for him and his caregivers every day.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy each step of this process.  It is like being pregnant, only I am not pregnant with a baby, I am pregnant with paper work!  That is not such a bad thing.  It is all an adventure that God is using to shape us, challenge us, and test our faith.  So far God has come through every time we have cried out to Him.

Now off to do more paper work!

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