Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Cost: Why Does It Cost So Much?

I frequently get that question and now that we are in the throws of the process I have more detailed information.  Here is a breakdown of our expenses for this adoption.  Please keep in mind that most expenses are an approximation:

Homestudy - $1,000 (COVERED!)

UCIS, i-600a & fingerprinting - $1,000 (this is done here in the States and must be completed before our dossier is even sent over)  (COVERED!)

Flights - $2,800  - We have been blessed by a couple in our church that is allowing us to use their Buddy Passes with a major airline.  While the cost of our flights have been drastically reduced (we had been looking at $7,000 for flights), we still need to raise the money.  (HALF COVERED!  We still need to raise the money for our return home flights.) 

Facilitator fees - $9,000  (COVERED!)  *Our facilitator is the person who takes us around to the various government buildings/offices and translates for us.  He or she also helps us with any issues that arise while we are in country.  They are on-call 24/7 for us and more than earn their fee!

First trip lodging - $1700 which breaks down into $80/night for 3 weeks (give or take)  (COVERED!)

Second trip lodging - $1,100 ($80/night for 2 weeks (give or take)  (COVERED!)

First trip food & other supplies - $450 which breaks down into $20/day for 3 weeks (give or take)  (COVERED!)

Second trip food & other supplies - $250 which breaks down into $20/day for 2 weeks (give or take)  (COVERED!) *I should add that we are not making 2 trips.  Eric will be leaving me behind after our court date with a dear woman from our church who has volunteered to stay with me!  I must wait through the 10 day waiting period which usually ends up being more than 10 days as it does not include weekends and holidays.  We may end up needing a little more than what is suggested here*

Passport - $600 (for Dima)  (COVERED!)  

Visa & medical - $550  (for Dima)  (COVERED!)  

Transportation in country - $2,000  - (COVERED!)

Orphanage donation/dossier preparation costs - $1,000  (COVERED!) 

*Rent for the extra 2-3 weeks during our extended stay - approximately $1,500.

The total approximate cost is $25,000 (more, really, once you include all of the Stateside expenses- closer to $30,000).  Does it seem impossible?  Yes.  But our God is bigger than that! He can and will provide.  As my friend Lindy says, "God funds what He favors!".  How is God asking YOU to be His hands and feet in this?

Would you please consider making a donation to our personal Paypal account (to cover flights) or give a tax deductible donation to our grant via Reece's Rainbow?  The money from our grant goes towards our overseas expenses which is all we have left to raise.  Without the help of others this adoption could not be possible.  While not every Christian family is called to adopt, every Christian is called to help care for orphans.  Without a doubt our family has been called to adopt and provide a home for the "least of these".

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Anonymous said...

I'm not quite old enough to have a credit card and donate, but I wish you and your family the best of luck. What you are doing is completely selfless and wonderful.