Monday, March 7, 2011

An Angel Among Us

There has been a newcomer to our church who is very special.  Her name is Cindy and she has Down Syndrome.  If I remember correctly she is in her 40's, lives with her sister, and had been adopted as a child.  Everyone that comes in contact with her walks away a happier person.  Cindy just radiates happiness and loves everyone she meets.  It is as though she is an angel in disguise.

Yesterday was a super special day at church.  When I saw Cindy come in and sit down I went right over to greet her- I was thrilled to see her once again.  Cindy excitedly told me that she is so happy to be at our church and that she was so happy to see us all once again.  I told her that we, too, were happy to see her and that we hope she keeps coming back.  I was on the Praise Team yesterday so I was up front singing and could not sit with Cindy.  Even better, however, I got to see this special person worship God with everything she had.  Cindy is partially deaf and while she can speak and has some hearing, she also is fluent in ASL (American Sign Language). She signed through most of the worship and it was delightful to see. After each song she would give me a thumb's up and mouth, "Good job!" to me.  I was so touched by her sweetness and her excitement to worship God.

At the end of the service I made an announcement for our Easy Street Fundraiser and also shared that we found our son through Reece's Rainbow, a Down Syndrome adoption ministry.  Cindy heard that loud and clear!  As soon as the service was completely over she came right over to me and said, "Did you know that I have Down Syndrome, too?".  I gave her a big hug and said, "Cindy, I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a very special person".  She then insisted on meeting Eric to tell him the good news, but Eric did indeed know who Cindy was and that she has Down Syndrome.  I chuckled to myself as I led Cindy to Eric.  When I formally introduced Eric and Cindy to each other Cindy exclaimed, "I have Down Syndrome just like you little boy!".  Eric couldn't help but give a little laugh as he embraced Cindy and said, "Thank you so much for sharing that with me!".  What I love is that she sees things through such innocent eyes and doesn't even really think of herself as "disabled".  Sure, she has an extra chromosome, her hearing is not 100%, and she cannot drive, but she seemingly leads a very happy and fulfilling life.

After Cindy left for the day I reflected on how she just kind of showed up to our church and seems to fit in.  I think God has led her to us to make way for our Daniel and hopefully for others just like Cindy and Daniel.  Cindy brought so much joy to everyone she met and she especially touched my heart.  I think of her as my angel.  Not literally, of course, but more like an encourager.  Every time I see her I am encouraged to keep moving forward in our adoption journey and I look forward to having someone in my home every day with the joy that Cindy has.  I sincerely think that those blessed with an extra chromosome are truly special people sent to us, to give us a new perspective on life and to bring us joy.



Joy for the Seasons said...

Jenny, I just love this. Thank you for sharing!

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Awesome! I love this post!