Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Good Day and Some Answers

Today the boys and I accomplished 2 major tasks.  First we got our request sent up to Arlington, VA for 2 copies of our marriage certificate.  The Arlington County Circuit Courts should receive that on Thursday and hopefully we will have the certificates by next week.  The only minor catch is that we then have to send them back up to VA (to Richmond) to have them Apostilled.   Second, we got our proof of homeownership from the county.  Another piece of paper complete for our Dossier!  Everyone was so kind and helpful and the boys were SUPER well behaved.  It was a long day as we were gone since this morning, but we made an adventure out of it all and ended up having a swell time.  We made a stop at their favorite video game store and a pet store.  The boys especially loved looking at the fish and are now convinced that they will die if they do not get a Beta fish!  Since the fish are on sale, I told them that if they could find their former Beta fish's tank I will permit them to get one.  Elijah and Nathan are now on a mission!  The last Beta fish that we had lived forever and then just suddenly disappeared one day.  They are fairly hearty little guys.

Now onto a more serious matter.  Last evening I read an article that further explained why countries are closing to International adoptions.  I was utterly shocked when I learned which organization was behind all of this- UNICEF.  Sadly they are supposedly in existence to help children, but with they propaganda they are spreading about International adoptions they are in a sense murdering thousands of children.  Yes, you read that correctly- MURDERING children.  How?  By closing countries to International adoptions they are not allowing children to be adopted by families that can properly care for these children and get them medical attention that they may not otherwise receive.  As a result that could lead to the death of thousand of innocent children!  If you wish to read an article from the Washington Times, please click here.  I also challenge you to Google UNICEF and International adoptions.  Just see what you can find.  Here is a quote from a friend that adopted 2 girls from Haiti a year ago:

"Jenny, that is such a great article about their philosophical stance. Yet it doesn't even begin to hint at their aggressive malice in action. I could tell you horror stories about adoptive parents in Haiti that were literally accosted, verbally abused, and threatened by UNICEF staff."

That was a comment he left on my Facebook page.  He and his wife are pros at International adoption (they have adopted several children from around the world!) so I give credence to what he shared.  Now that I know why Daniel's country may close to International adoptions, I now know how to pray.  Will you please join me in prayer that UNICEF would not be successful in their crusade to end International adoptions?  

Unfortunately there are still no promises for our adoption of Daniel, but I will continue to stand on the promises of God.  That He would be faithful to the call He put on our family and that somehow He will fulfill it.  Eric and I will continue to move forward with Daniel until we are told that we can no longer do so; it is all we can do for now.  I must also trust that God's hand is on us and on Daniel.  He cares for Daniel so much more than Eric and I ever could.  Thank you for those of you that have been praying for us and for Daniel.  We also thank you for your financial contributions to our adoption.

On that note I will be satisfied that today I have done all that I can for Daniel.  Tomorrow will bring a new day and another opportunity to do even more.  The day after that is our doctor appointment for our physicals and that will be yet another huge task that we can check off.  God is good, all of the time!


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