Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Nathan!

I am a day late in posting this entry, but yesterday, March 28th, was our Nathan's 5th Birthday!  My baby is most certainly not a baby anymore!  We celebrated with some friends of ours and Nathan had, and I quote, "The BEST Birthday EVER!!!!".  It was his first real birthday party with friends, cupcakes, and fun- he deserved it.  You see our little Nathan had a pretty rough start as he was born 5 weeks early.  That first night I watched that little love pant and struggle for every breath.  Despite the fact that I had just had my 3rd c-section I stood on my feet all night to pray over my little guy, and to let him know I was right there.  No matter what, I was not leaving him until the morning or until the Lord saw fit to take Nathan home.  Thankfully the Lord graciously allowed our sweet little guy to stay with us and I am ever so grateful.  He is our happy guy, our little fire cracker, our sparkling boy.  He lights up a room, makes everyone laugh, will be friendly with anyone and everyone, and he says that I am "his girl".  We love Nathan so dearly and can hardly believe that the Nathan we know and love now is the same little guy that we watched struggle for every breath.

Oh and to clarify- some of you know Nathan as "Sammy".  Nathan's full name is Nathan Samuel.  When we brought him home from the NICU Jeremiah and Elijah could not say 'Nathan' but they could say 'Sammy'.  So it just stuck.  I honestly prefer Sammy- it fits his little personality.


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Madison said...

Happy birthday Sammy!!!!
He is so adorbale1
Daniel wil fit right in with his brothers :)