Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moving Right Along

I have been meaning to update our blog, but I have been busy with the great paper chase leg of our adoption.  It seems that every day I have had to get one piece of paper or another or have been planning fundraisers or promoting them.  Somehow we still manage to get school done, the house cleaned, laundry done, and meals made.  But to be honest, I am thankful that this will not last forever as it is an extremely grueling process.

This past week was spent getting our proof of home ownership completed- wait- didn't we get that on Wednesday?  Well, I thought I had completed that task, but sadly it was rejected.  The woman that had filled out the paperwork altered the document (which is a HUGE no-no!) which meant I had to go back and nicely ask her to do it again.  In the meantime Eric and I had our physicals on Wednesday morning which shot the entire day.  So yesterday I packed the boys up once again, printed out the instructions, and highlighted everything on the original document that needed to be corrected.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Unfortunately it turned into a super emotional and stressful experience.  I will not go into detail as it does not matter.  Suffice to say I did become upset with the woman who was to fill out the document and I walked away empty handed the first time.  By the time we made it back to the house, however, the woman called and agreed to fill out the form.  I was both grateful and ashamed as I had neared tears when speaking with this woman as I could not understand why she would not fill out a simple document.  In sum she was concerned that she was verifying information that she could not really verify and she did not want to be dishonest.  Actually all we were asking was for her to state that she has the records of us living at our current address and whatnot.  If this dear woman had decided to not fill out the paper, our adoption would have come to a screeching halt which sent me into a panic.  I am so pleased to share, however, that this woman went above and beyond and I am so very grateful.  Nathan even gave the woman a hugged and thanked her, too.  Poor Nathan had been in tears after the first exchange that we had with her.  So NOW our proof of home ownership is complete.

The physicals?  Not complete.  We had to have our blood drawn and then we have to go back in on Monday morning to have our TB test conducted, THEN we have to return Wednesday to have the test read.  That is when we will receive the documents and have that done.  Once our physicals are done, our home study can then be written and we can move forward with more Dossier items.  If all continues to go well, we should have everything for the Dossier completed before May 31.  Potentially we could be traveling in June!

On the fundraising front the Pampered Chef fundraiser runs until March 25th.  Last time I heard from Colleen we had made a little over $27.00.  Every little bit counts, but if you look at the thermometer on the left-hand side of the blog you will see we still have a long way to go.  Our next big fundraiser is on Saturday, April 2 which will be a yard sale.  So many people have generously donated items to be sold and I am hoping to make a few hundred dollars.  Our next big expense will be for our fingerprinting.  In the meantime I am looking into having a fundraiser at Chik-fil-A, a dear woman in our church is organizing a cash for gold fundraiser, I am going to be selling flowers, adoption t-shirts, pies, etc...  Basically I will be fundraising until our goal is met.  Ha!  I know many of you know the feeling.

In non-adoption news our little Nathan learned how to ride a 2 wheeler!!  It was a very special evening as Eric taught Nathan how to do this.  Our little guy officially turns 5 on the 28th and had a rough start in life.  We almost lost him and now cannot imagine our life without that little monkey boy.  As my mom says, Nathan just sparkles!  He sure was sparkling as he rode his bike down the street like a big boy.

Well, the dirty floors are calling my name.  They desperately need to be mopped (again)!  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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