Monday, April 25, 2011

1,000 Birthday Wishes for Dima

May 15th.  A special little boy wakes up to his Mama singing "Happy Birthday" to him and he smells chocolate chip pancakes being made in the kitchen.  The little boy sits up, blinks, rubs his eyes yet again and sees his 3 brothers standing behind his Mama.  "Happy Birthday!!!  Happy Day!!!!" they all shout.  The little boy jumps out of bed, races past his brothers and his Mama and sees his Papa putting a huge breakfast on the kitchen table: chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, orange juice and milk.  WOW!  Never has he seen so much food in one place for just 6 people.  Could he really eat as much as he wants and enjoy it?  Suddenly he sees Happy Birthday balloons tied to his chair and some gifts piled at his place at the table- was he dreaming?  What is this all about?  He runs over to the table and is not even sure what to do first; eat or open gifts?  The precious little birthday boy chooses the food and eats 3 plates worth of breakfast and could have probably had more, but his Mama told him it was time to open gifts.  His very own gifts.  Is this what happens when someone has a birthday?  They get hugs, kisses, special breakfasts, gifts and a day to do whatever they want?  Do grandparents come over later in the day for a day at the park?  And friends from church and school come to celebrate one special day for one special little boy? 

Sadly, this is not what Dima will experience this year on his birthday.  His 7th birthday.  Birthdays are not something that are celebrated in his world.  Birthdays are dreaded and feared.  Birthdays can only mean that they are one year closer to their transfer to the other place.  A horrible place that is not at all happy, safe, or secure.  Dima should have gone to that other place 3 years ago but for some reason he is still at the only place he knows as home right now; the place you see in the videos that I have posted.  It is not ideal, but it is still better than that other place.  But will this birthday bring about a change?  Will Dima get that dreaded call to the other place?  Will he go on a car ride thinking that it is something special only to learn that he is being dropped off at a place filled with horrible smells and noises?  Will he be terrified night after night all the while becoming depressed and lonely?  And just what is this other place?  It is a mental institution.  A place where Dima's country puts all of it's "defective" people.  A place where people are not celebrated.  A place where there are no Happy Birthdays.  A place where there are no hugs an kisses from family members.  No, it is like a prison where little ones are put to waste away, most of them not evening surviving the first year due to the shear trauma of it all.  What kind of a birthday present is that for an adorable little 7-year-old boy?  

While we have committed to Dima there is no promise of him being kept at Baby House 18.  He could easily be transferred before we can get over there making the journey to adopt him much more difficult.  That, however, would never deter Eric and I from rescuing him.  I would walk to the ends of the earth for sweet Dima just as I would my other sons.  He deserves to have a birthday filled with love, laughter, happiness, food, balloons, gifts, and being surrounded by people that love him for who he is.  Birthdays should not be feared, they should be celebrated and cherished.  This CAN be Dima's realty and YOU can be a part of it.

After the end of our Big Bang Auction we will be having a very special fundraiser to help us get over halfway funded.  Something to celebrate Dima's birthday.  To give Dima hope.  To let Dima know that he is worthy of love and a family.  And you all get to be a part of it.  The catch, however, is that I will need 1,000 people to participate.  With Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc... I think that my goal is possible.  Love always wins.  In the meantime you can help get a jump start on wishing Dima a Happy Birthday by participating in our Big Bang Auction.  The bidding is currently holding at $125.  The minimum bid to beat that is $127.  Anyone?  Anyone?  As Eric and I perfect the details of Dima's Birthday, think about what you would want to say to Dima if you had the chance.  If you where here to celebrate his birthday, what would you say to him?  How would you wish him a Happy Birthday?  Remember, love always wins:)

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Tara said...

Happy Birthday sweet Dima! Your Mama and Papa are working very hard to bring you home! We are all very excited to meet you!