Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adoption Journey Progress Update

It has been awhile since I went into detail how far along we are in the process so that will be today's entry.  I wish I could say that we were on our way, but I do not think that will be happening until July.  That is actually O.K. with us as our church's Vacation Bible School is at the end of June and Eric cannot miss that!  I don't want to miss it, either.  Also, the weather will be nice and hot over in Dima's country just like here which will be easier on us (meaning no winter coats needed!).

So yesterday Eric and I finally received a final draft of our home study.  I confess that I feel as though it took a little longer than I had wanted, but God is ultimately in control, right?  It was a very positive write-up about our family.  My heart was also touched by what our references stated in their letters to our social worker- wow!  Thank you, references!  Eric and I now must wait to receive official copies of our home study and have them approved by our overseas facilitator.  In the meantime we must apply for our I600- fingerprinting.  That will be one of the last big steps before we get approved by our own country to adopt overseas.  Once we are approved by the States, then we can get all of our documents apostilled and THEN we can send our Dossier over to Dima's country!!!  Apostilled, by the way, means getting all of our notarized documents "notarized" by the State of FL.  Basically a notary of a notary.  Eric and I will either drive all of our papers up to Tallahassee or pay for a service to do it for us.  We have yet to decide and we have several weeks before we have to make up our minds (hopefully less!).  Overall I think we are moving along at a relatively normal pace.  We had started out going fast, but our social worker kind of held us up for about 3 weeks.  Hopefully now we can get back on track and finish strong.

As for our fundraising, we are 1/4 of the way funded!  Yesterday a donor blessed our grant with $3,000 which had me in tears.  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and amazed that someone would bless us that way; bless Dima, too!  Yesterday, for the first time, Eric and I really felt as though we might actually get the money together in time!  We are still going to be doing lots of fundraising until we are fully funded but we do want everyone to know that Eric and I have been kicking all that we can as we go along.  There is a fundraiser coming up that will be in lieu of Dima's 7th birthday which is on May 15th. As soon as we can close down our Kindle giveaway we can tell you the details of Dima's 10,000 birthday wishes.  We will also be having a party in our home on the 14th that will be a pasta supper/silent auction.  Details for that soon to follow, too.  My dear friend Cris is also still wanting to have a Yard Sale Part 2, and as soon as I have a date and details for that I will post all of that.  I truly believe that with all of the fundraising, a grant, and some other sources we will be fully funded in time.  Eric and I have had our faith tested and grown more in these past 2 1/2 months than we have ever had in our lives.

Eric, the boys, and I do ask for your continued prayers.  There are some changes being made in Dima's country regarding adoptions and while we honestly do not know the final outcome of those just yet, we know that prayer is of utmost importance.  I personally refuse to get all upset and stressed about it, but I know that there are some other mommas out there that are heartsick over all that could happen.  I want to lovingly remind my fellow adoptive mommas that God knows what is going to happen and He loves our children so much more than we do- whatever happens will not be a surprise to Him.  Do we want to remain vigilant and get our Dossiers over there?  You betcha!  But do not worry yourselves sick in the meantime.  Let's all keep this in prayer.

So with that I must get back to my morning routine.  Thank you all for taking the time to read our update and thank you for your prayers and encouragement!   

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