Monday, April 18, 2011

Amazon Kindle Giveaway: Raising the Ante!

Hey everyone!!  Please do not forget our Kindle giveaway!!  It ends a week from today!!  So many of you have generously participated and we have almost reached our goal for our fingerprinting fees!!  We are going to up the ante a little to meet our goal.  If we reach our goal by midnight tomorrow (April 19th) we will double everyone's chance who donated between today (April 18th) and our deadline tomorrow (April 19th) evening.  So in other words if you only donate $10, you get 2 entries rather than 1.  Be sure to read the rules posted in the giveaway entry so you know for sure what your entry would be worth.  I should add that we are only doubling the financial portion of our giveaway.  Posting the giveaway on your Facebook and blog still only raises you one extra entry per posting.  If we successfully reach our goal by midnight tomorrow night we will draw the winner on Wednesday morning and get that Kindle sent out to the winner!!!

Best wishes!!!!

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Debby said...

If I donate to Dima's RR account, rather than your private Chip-in, can I still be entered into the drawing? I want to help Dima get home regardless of a give-away, but I don't mind 'winning' things either! Please email me dpasho at hotmail dot com. Thanks! (I'm on the RR yahoo group too)