Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Boy From Baby House 10/Boy From Baby House 18

This past Sunday Dateline aired a program called Boy From Baby House 10.  It tells the true story of a little boy that survived the Russian mental institution- only by the grace of God.  The salvation came through his adoption by an American woman.  If this woman had not heeded the whispers in her heart from God, this little boy would have surely died scared and very much alone.  While Daniel does not reside in Russia, he resides in a country that is no different than this situation and he will be turning 7 next month.  If you wonder what will happen to Daniel if we cannot raise the funds to adopt him, you can get a very realistic glimpse of what his life will be like if you watch this.  It will be hell.  A nightmare.  He will most likely die.

My 6 year old, Elijah, watched this with me and he got it.  He fully understood why Eric and I are are jumping through hoop after hoop, living on a super tight budget so we can pay what we can towards the cost of this adoption, and giving up things of value (yes, I have basically given up all of my jewelry sans my wedding rings- for now) without so much of a second thought.  Elijah gets that no child should have to live out his or her life in a place such as this.  Elijah has given all of his money towards rescuing his brother and vows to help find other orphans from Baby House 18 a home.  What are YOU doing to help the least of these?  Anything?  Why is it that a 6 year old can grasp this concept so much better than you or I?  Yes, I include myself in there.

Six months ago I would not have ever dreamed of doing what it is we are now doing.  Life was good, it was easy and and steady.  My boys are able to do so much for themselves and Eric and I were enjoying some of the freedom that comes along with that.  All 3 boys are healthy, active, strong, intelligent, well behaved, etc...  Every parent's dream.  Then we saw him.  We saw "Dima".  God confronted us with the harsh reality that there are children in this world (not just in Russia or Eastern Europe, even here in the States) that without our help have no chance of survival.  With that knowledge comes responsibility.  God will hold Eric and I accountable for what we do with that knowledge- if we do nothing it is disobedience.  Plain and simple.

Of course we were scared and uncertain as to what it would be like adopting a child with Down Syndrome.  Eric has more experience with that than I since he had been a special education teacher before going into the ministry.  We could not ignore the promptings in our hearts.  We could not ignore that adorable little boy from Baby House 18.  Eric and I knew that we had to take a leap of faith and if we did so, it would not be easy.  We would, however, be blessed beyond measure and grow in our Christian walk.  Our boys would learn an invaluable lesson on love- crazy love.  The kind of love where you put yourself out there fully vulnerable.  The love that we have for "Dima" (Daniel) is that crazy love- we are willing to do just about anything (legal, of course!) to bring him home and make him a part of our family.

So last evening as I sat and watched Boy From Baby House 10, I saw Dima.  I saw what his life is currently like and what it could be like if we do not get there.  It terrifies me and motivates me all at the same time.  We will fundraise until the cows come home, we will fill out every piece of paper a million times over if we must, we will travel to a country where we do not speak the language, we will allow ourselves to be burdened for these children, we will not look at the world through the same eyes....   Whatever it takes.  Whatever it takes to save that little boy from Baby House 18.

Will you please take some time today to watch this episode of Dateline?  If you have been following our journey and do not fully understand why we are doing this, will you please take a moment to see for yourself why we are putting ourselves on the line?  Even one step further, will you please help us?  Will you please donate to our cause?  We have a fantastic giveaway going on and even $10 makes a difference.

Without further ado, I give you the Boy From Baby House 10.....

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Anonymous said...

This is SO eye opening!!!!!!!!!! Heartbreaking what happened but our God is so much bigger!!!! PTL this young amazing man is able to share his story.