Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Found a Treasure & I Have a Plea

Last evening I found a treasure.  Something more precious than gold or silver.  Last evening I saw Dima!  I saw DIMA!  I saw him playing, and laughing, and having fun.  I saw Dima's sweet, smiling face and heard his laugh, his voice!  Dima is a REAL, living, breathing, and active little boy that so desperately needs his Mama and Papa!  For months all he has been was a still picture.  Albeit an adorable, sweet, smiling picture, but just a picture.  I would show everyone his sweet face and while everyone agreed that he was cute, he seemed like a far-off concept rather than a real, living, breathing, little boy that needs a family.

But not now.  Now I have videos of him with his groupa taken last summer.  Now you can see Dima; see that he is happy, healthy, and sweet (obedient, too!).  So why would he still need a Mama and a Papa?  Because if Eric and I do not adopt him he will live in a horrific environment and that sweet, happy, little boy that you are about to see will turn into a sad, depressed, scared, and lonely little boy.  And more than likely a little boy he would remain as his chance of survival at the institution dramatically drops to almost nothing.

Dima deserves more than that.  So much more.

In this first video you will clearly see Dima splashing in the pool, laughing, smiling, and enjoying himself:

This next video also provides a clear glimpse of Dima though you will not see him until they pan over to where there are some little ones splashing in 2 little baby pools. Again, he is laughing, smiling, and happy:

This next video does not show as much of our sweet Dima, but you will see him nonetheless. He is the last little one on the right:

And finally, here is a video of his groupa listening to some special music and singing. Dima is the 3rd boy from the left:

Did you see him?  Did you see how happy he is?  Do you now see why Eric, the boys, and I love him so?  Do you see that he is a living, breathing, human being that deserves all the love and happiness that our family can offer?  If you know our family well, can't you just imagine him playing with our boys?  He would be on cloud 9 having 3 brothers, a Mama, a Papa, a dog, his own bed, toys, a REAL pool, friends, a church family, air conditioning (they have no AC where Dima lives and it gets beastly hot over there in the summers- which is why you see all of the little ones in their undies), love, security, etc...  He would have a life!  Dima would have the opportunity to grow up and live out his life surrounded by people that love him for who he is!

That being said, if you have not yet participated in our Kindle giveaway, would you please considering just making a $10 donation?  Just $10.  Isn't this precious little one worth far more than $10? 

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Ellie said...

Oh you are so lucky to have these videos! It seems at least that they are not neglected at his orphanage, from what I can see. My whole family watched the Boy From Baby House Ten together, and it surely gave us that last push to get started on this process. I so wish I could see my daughter like you are seeing your son!