Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Most Favorite Video of Dima

This, my friends, is by far my most favorite video of Dima.  Rafaella & Luca so graciously sent this to me and I am forever grateful.  I am not exactly certain of what is being said but it is obvious that my sweet Dima is mesmerized by whatever it is that Luca is sharing on his video camera.  The best part is when Dima just yells out- I can hear his voice, his desire to want to be the center of attention.  Alas, he must share!  Eric and I have probably watched this video 50 times (at least!) and we know it by heart.

As I have shared before, these videos make Dima so real.  Dima is not just a cute picture that we gaze at, he is a living, breathing, little boy.  My heat aches for him, to hold him, kisses him, hug him, tickle him, play with him, and just enjoy him.  Last evening I shared with Eric that I think I almost need Dima as much as Dima needs me.  Nathan needs "his Dima", too!

There has been some news from Dima's country regarding adoptions. So far nothing too horrible, but more uncertainty for those of us adopting.  On June 12th the branch of government that currently handles adoptions will be dismantled and a new branch will be taking over.  If anything, what it means for us is that we must have our Dossier completed and sent over no later than June 1.  Please pray that all of our paper work is in order and sent over well ahead of that date!

This morning someone at church asked me what happens if we do not raise the money necessary to adopt Dima.  To be honest, we do not allow that thought to cross our minds.  If we did, nothing would get done and Dima would not be adopted solely based on fear or doubt.  For those of you that have gone through the process and raised your support, would you be willing to leave a note on this entry to share how God moved on your behalf?  I think it would bless people that are not familiar with the process to see how God provides.  It would encourage me, too!

Thank you to those of you that have recently participated in our Kindle giveaway!  We have raised over $400!  That puts us well over the halfway mark (I would say even over the 3/4 mark!) and we will soon be ready to have those fingerprints done!  There is still a week left to participate so spread the word.  We have more fundraisers coming up that will be fun.  We also have something very special to auction off that I think will appeal to many.  It is something unique.

On that note, have a blessed Palm Sunday!!


Aislinn said...

What a beautiful, precious, amazing gift!!!!!
He is beautiful.
Praise God for this :) much your heart must be smiling to see this!

Rochelle said...

Oh my goodness Jenny! What a blessing to have not one but loads of video of your sweet boy! In tears just enjoying him with you! Can't wait for him to be home with your family!