Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yard Sale = Success!

I had wanted to write an entry 2 days ago, but we have been busy and exhausted form this past weekend.  Eric and I really hustled from Friday night through Saturday.  All of our efforts paid off!

Our yard sale was a major success!  We raised $1,410.00 which is going directly to our adoption grant with Reece's Rainbow.  This success, however, could not have been possible without the help of my friends, church family, and those that came to make a purchase or two at our yard sale.  If you are reading this and purchased something from our yard sale, thank you!  You helped make the difference in one child's life which is priceless.  To those of you that donated items to be sold I thank you, too.  Without your items this yard sale would not have been possible.  Eric and I are not pack rats and we give things away regularly via Ocala Freecycle- we had nothing left to sell!  But with the generosity of our church family we were able to pull off a super successful fundraiser.  We were speechless when we did the final count of our money as I had underestimated by over $200 just how much we made.  Eric and I also could not have pulled this off without the help of Cris Kelty and Diane Harth.  They helped put everything out, price items, and were available to keep an eye on things as people browsed. They freed Eric up to grill hot dogs and I was then able to share our adoption story with anyone and everyone who would listen.  THANK YOU ladies!!!!

There will be another yard sale thanks to my friend, Cris.  She and her husband will be hosting it at their home in the coming weeks.  When she gets a date set I will be sure to share the details.  While there will be some left-overs from our yard sale, there will be a fresh selection from her cache of items.  Again, I am beyond words and so grateful.

In the meantime we are actively working on our Cash for Gold fundraiser headed up by Ms. Carol Holzschuh.  If you have any broken, old, or mismatched pieces of gold jewelry please give Carol a call at (352) 208-2606 for details.  All gold is being kept in a safe (not at Carol's home) until it will be sold to the gentleman with whom Carol is working.  If you do not live locally, you can mail it to her.  This fundraiser has the potential to make us a few thousand dollars which would be so very helpful.  We have not yet hit the halfway mark in our fundraising efforts.  Eric and I are both making our own donations to this fundraiser and we are excited to each little piece of gold multiply.

I am also still making Key West Key Lime Pies and will deliver them right to your door!  If you do not live locally, you can purchase a pie for a homebound member of our church.  Each pie is $15.00.  So far I have had very positive feedback on my pies so give them a try!

Some of you have asked how our Pampered Chef fundraiser went.  I am happy to announce that we made about $100.  Thank you to those of you that ordered an item or two!  And also a thank you to my consultant, Colleen Kudis, for putting it all together!  YAY!

In non-fundraising news, we are moving right along with our paper work.  Today we are chasing down the final piece of paper (please pray that everything is correct!) and our home study should be complete, we are just waiting on our social worker to get it to us.  I am somewhat surprised at how quickly that part of our journey went.  I expected it to be much worse and take much longer, but my persistence has paid off.  People keep asking me when we are going overseas to get Daniel, but I have no idea on a specific date.  Eric and I are guessing that it will probably be late June/early July.  We also will have to make 2 trips and Daniel will not come home until the second trip.

In the meantime, please keep Daniel and our family in prayer.  We still have hoops to jump through and it is not really over until Daniel walks through our front door and is home for good.  That day cannot come soon enough!

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