Sunday, May 1, 2011

1,000 Birthday Wishes for Dima

May 1st .  In 15 days my sweet, precious Dima turns 7.  He is on borrowed timed and needs us to come and get him now more than ever.  He has exceeded his time at Baby House 18 by 3 years and should be in a mental institution.  But by the grace of God my sweet boy still resides at Baby House 18 (for now).  I think that for Dima's birthday wish this year he would like to have a Mama and a Papa.  You see he has seen several of his friends get adopted this past year: Taras, Anna, and Anja, just to name a few.  There have been others, but these are the 3 whose names I could remember.  These are also children of Mamas with whom I have been in contact, Mamas that have met my sweet Dima and know first-hand just how much Dima wants a Mama for his birthday.  Taras and Anna's Mama was even asked to adopt Dima by the Director of Baby House 18 but alas she was only approved to adopt 2 children, not 3.  Dima even grabbed onto her leg and asked, "Mama?".  It broke Taras and Anna's Mama's heart so badly that she could not include Dima in her family and prayed for Dima to get a Mama and a Papa of his own!  Then God heard my family's prayer about adoption.  He saw our hearts open up for a child with Down Syndrome and the desire to have a little boy Dima's age be a part of our family.  He heard Eric's earnest prayers for wisdom and discernment.  He saw how Jeremiah, Elijah and Nathan prayed for a brother Dima's age and then He moved this Mama's heart to look at the waiting children on Reece's Rainbow.  I scrolled down the list of waiting boys 6 and up and there he was. Dima's sweet, smiling face and I knew.  Just knew that he was my son.  God knew all along, too.  And now, here we are so close to getting everything sent over to Dima's country!  God is so good and so faithful!  He has amazed my family over and over with how He has provided the love and the means for us to complete this adoption.  This process has changed Eric and I for the better.  It has given us a new perspective on life for which I am so grateful and I do not ever want to loose it.  I want my heart to be repeatedly broken for these children even after we bring home our Dima- I want to help other little ones find their Mamas and Papas!

But first, we must get Dima home.  Let's go ahead, however, and celebrate his 7th birthday!

If Dima were already home I would have been handing out invitations to his birthday party this weekend.  It would be at the park near our home with lots of food, games, music, laughter, and love.  Eric would be thanking God with us all gathered, and would pray for the remainder of Dima's years to be happy and blessed.  We would marvel at how God worked through us and so many others to bring our boy home to us.  Sadly, he will not be here in time to celebrate his 7th birthday.  But we sure can make a huge stride to this being a reality for his 8th birthday and I need YOUR help!

Between today, May 1st and Sunday, May 15th, I want 1,000 people to wish Dima a Happy Birthday.  How, you ask?  If just 1,000 people were to donate $10 to our grant, that would be $10,000!  Which if added to the money already in there, would be over $15,0000 available to us to bring Dima home!  So to wish Dima a Happy 7th Birthday please donate $10 to his grant and then spread the word about Dima's story and Birthday to all the people on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc...  Surely with Facebook, Twitter and blogs 1,000 people will hear Dima's story and donate a mere $10.00.  To make a tax deductible donation to Dima's grant with Reece's Rainbow, click here.  Once you make your $10.00 gift to Dima's grant, you can wish him a Happy Birthday here.  It is a Facebook page that I created for this fundraiser.

Eric and I are also having a Pasta Supper/Birthday Party in his honor on Saturday, May 14th in our home.  Local friends and family are invited, details to soon follow.  At this party there will be a silent auction that will be held in our home and online (at the same time).  Most items have been made by friends and family from all over the United States!  It will be a fantastic time of food and fellowship!

So will you please wish Dima a Happy Birthday?  Just $10 can make a huge difference in our sweet boy's life!

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