Saturday, May 21, 2011

147 Million Minus One Silicon Wristbands Are In!

The 147 Million Minus One wristbands were delivered 5 days early!!  They are 100% silicon with the words "147 Million Minus One" stamped on the outside.  The colors are blue and yellow (swirled) which just happen to be Dima's country's flag's colors.  So what is significant about the number 147 million, you ask?  That is the estimated number of orphans in the world today.  It is a sad number, one that could be significantly lowered if more families stepped up and opened their home to just one child.

The wristbands are $2.00 each and we will happily ship them to you.  We are not charging for shipping but should you feel generous enough to throw another dollar or two into your donation, that would help significantly with our postage expenses.  It is not required, though.  To pay for the wristbands please use our personal Paypal account (not tax-deductible) so we do not have to hound Reece's Rainbow a million times a day to get a donor list.  The link for that is on the left-hand side of our blog in the section: Donations for Immediate Adoption Expenses.  The money from the sale of the wristbands will be going towards the cost of apostilling our documents for our Dossier.  Apostilling is basically a notary of a notary with the State's seal.

Please also do not forget our adoption t-shirts!  We still have some available and they would look awesome with the wristbands.  Please see this entry to learn about the styles and sizes that are available.

Thank you for supporting Dima and our adoption!!


MissyB said...

Hi I am Sheri brgrfamily, I would like to get 2 wristbands. I donated $5. I was going to add a note on paypal, but I did not.

Natalie said...

I LOVE these bracelets! What an awesome way to raise awareness about adoption while working to raise the money you need to bring Dima home. I would love a bracelet, I donated, and I also shared about your fundraisers on my reece's rainbow fundraising blog ( I am praying for you guys and all the reece's rainbow families and kids. I also wanted to mention that it is hard to tell what the adoption rocks t-shirts look like, because the pictures will not enlarge when clicked on.

The Monier Family said...

Hi Natalie! The Adoption Rocks T-Shirts have a big white square with the words Adoption Rocks along the one side. Nothing fancy, just making a statement:) I will ship your bracelet out this week!!:) Thank you!!!