Sunday, May 8, 2011

Elijah's Mohawk Challenge - Pictures

Again, we still are amazed at what the Lord did with Elijah's challenge.  For those of you that missed the last entry, Elijah's challenge brought in $1525!  Elijah's highest amount for his challenge was $500!  WOW!  Elijah is just 6-years-old and has faith like you would not believe.  While he was somewhat surprised at first, Elijah later revealed that he was not super surprised because "God can do anything!".

Our little Nathan (who we usually call Sammy, by the way) even got in on the action since we raised way above what we had hoped.  He cried halfway through, though, and I felt badly about it.  Poor Nathan!

So below are some photos from today's grand adventure!  Thank you again!

Elijah & Nathan waiting for the dye to set. Poor Nathan was crying:(

My selfless Boo Bear:)

My funny Nathan:)

My awesome boys!

Elijah was trying to be a "cool dude".

It was also so wonderful to watch Elijah encourage his little brother.  While Nathan was crying Elijah would tell him that what they were doing was a good thing, something selfless rather than selfish.  I am very pleased that Elijah has been so proactive about bringing his new, "older" brother home.  I should add that Jeremiah has been diligent in his prayers for Dima and I am thankful that I have such a prayer warrior on my hands!

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