Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elijah's Mohawk Challenge

So far Elijah has made $25 from his challenge that he issued.  Thank you Rev. Meyer for your generous contribution!  You gave Elijah hope and that is all he needs to keep his chin up.  Elijah has not given up hope of even getting $200.

In the meantime I am getting things together for a silent auction that will take place here on our blog as well as locally here in Ocala.  Eric and I had planned on having an elaborate pasta supper fundraiser in our home next weekend to celebrate Dima's 7th birthday, but there is an event taking place at church and I do not want to compete with that.  The silent auction will begin on Saturday May 15th and run through Saturday, May 28th.  Everything is homemade and crafty, made with love.  We are willing to ship items to the winners so no worries there.  OR, if you live locally, you can bid on the items at our yard sale which will be on Saturday, May 28th.  We will have a new assortment of items for the actual yard sale, baked goods, Eric will have the grill going with hotdogs and other goodies, and we hope to see some familiar faces!!

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Rochelle said...

That is awesome! Can't wait to see the pics!