Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fingerprinting Complete/Adoption T-Shirt Fundraiser

Good morning!  It is amazing what 10 hours of sleep will do and  I feel like a million bucks this morning!  Eric and I had been exhausted due to yesterday's adventure.  We traveled to Orlando bright and early to get our USICS fingerprinting done- yay!  Eric's prints were accepted and went through the computer, mine were rejected by the computer so they had to do it the "old-fashioned" way and do ink prints.  We will not know for a week or so if my prints were accepted (yikes!).  But it is done for now and I rejoice at being one step closer.  The Immigration office in Orlando is right by the airport and seeing the airplanes take off gave me butterflies at the thought of taking off to go get my Dima.  That time will come before we know it!

After the fingerprinting we then ventured off to Brooksville to pick up some awesome t-shirts donated to us by Lindy House.  Lindy and her husband, Guy, leave in 9 days to meet and bring home their 2 precious boys from Dima's country!!  When Guy and Lindy did their fundraising they had someone design some snazzy adoption t-shirts to sell.  It was a success for them and they had some leftovers to share.  I now have in my possession some very stylish adoption t-shirts to sell and 100% of the profit will go directly towards our adoption.  The shirts are $15 each, with 2 designs to choose from.  Here are some pictures of the shirts below being modeled by Lindy's brother and sister (the photography is Lindy's doing- isn't she amazing?):

If you wish to order one (or 2 or 3!), please use our personal Paypal link (not tax-deductible) on the left-hand side of our blog.  In the notation of your donation, please specify that it is for an adoption t-shirt, how many, and what size.  Before you place your order, however, please let me know what size you need so I can confirm that we have what you need.  Also, if you are not local to me I am more than happy to send your order to you.

Here is our current inventory:

Of the "Do something lasting with yours" shirts we have:
6 size smalls in blue
2 size mediums, one in blue, one in a burnt orange
3 size larges, 2 in blue, one in gray
2 size x-larges, both in blue
1 size 2x in gray
1 size 4x in white

Of the "Adoption Rocks" shirts we have:
2 size smalls
2 size mediums  1 medium left!!!
2 size larges
1 size 2xl

Finally, so may of you have inquired about our silicon wrist bands!  Our order is slated to arrive at our home on May 25th and as soon as we get them I will snap a photo or two of them to share with you exactly what they look like.  It is exciting to see how enthusiastic so many of you are over the wrist bands! Yay!

Now let's get these t-shirts sold!!!!


LeeFam said...

I so want to get a couple of these T-shirts! Are these just general sizes? I am trying to figure out what size shirts to get myself. I do not want it to be to baggy, lol! Also I am a fellow Floridian and I can not wait for you to have your son home. I am going to do a few of the Buddy Walks planned and would love to join up if you have a group walking in honor of Dima. I know there is one in Bradenton in October. Please let me know your recommended sizing for a woman 5'4" about 140 or less. We will say less, lol!

The Monier Family said...

Hi there! The sizes are like that of any t-shirt. Nothing special. I would recommend a sz. md. I am 5'3 and 110 and wear the sz. sm. It is fairly roomy for me and pretty much anything I wear is roomy. Just let me know what shirts you want and I can send them out to you this week:) We very much want to do the Buddy Walk. If there is one in Inverness (CItrus County) again this year that is the one we will attend as our family doctor typically heads that one up. That and my in-laws live there:) So nice to "meet" you!!!

LeeFam said...

Okay how do I pay? Do you have a paypal set up. I would like the Adoption Rocks medium if you still have it available. You will have to let me know about the walk in your county if there will be one. I am doing a couple. Although I have no child with down syndrome. I have a very special girl on that site and if my husband will ever give me the go ahead I will probably literally swim across the ocean to get her, lol. For now I just pray for all the families that are in the process and the children waiting. Why don't we throw in a wristband too. Thank you.

The Monier Family said...

Hi LeeFam- You may pay for your purchase via our personal Paypal account. It is not tax-deductible. You will see our personal Paypal button on the left-hand side of the blog. Please make certain that I have your address so I can send your order. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask:)

LeeFam said...

Okay my payment has been sent. Thank you so much. We adopted my daughter 5 yrs ago and we have been fosterparents for over 5 yrs. I hope one day we will adopt again. I can not wait to rock my shirt! Let me know if my address came through. Jupiter, FL.

LeeFam said...

Was wondering if you have mailed my shirt and bracelet yet? I have not received anything and us being pretty close I know it would not take to long. I also know you have a lot going on. If you could please just confirm you got my address through paypal and it is coming. Thank you