Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Dima!

Today is Dima's 7th birthday.  I wonder if he knows that today is his birthday.  I wonder if someone hugged him and wished him a Happy Birthday.  He deserves better than whatever it is he had or did for his birthday today, that much I do know.  That precious child deserves to be with his family, to be loved unconditionally for who he is.

I woke up this morning determined that I would not cry because a birthday is a happy occasion.  But alas, after a lovely morning at church, I came home and cried like a baby.  This momma longs to have her son home.  He should be celebrating his birthday with his family and friends, not left in an orphanage.  My heart not only grieves for the boy whom I love so dearly and have never met, but for all of the little ones that do not have a family.  So while I rejoice that Dima is another year older and will probably be celebrating his next birthday with us, my heart cries out for him; longing for him to be here in my arms.

This time next year, however, I know that all of this time of waiting will seem like a distant memory.  We will be at Easy Street with all of our friends and family celebrating the life of a child who God chose for us.  Not only will he bring love and happiness to our family, but he will be a blessing to anyone who meets him.  His smile is contagious, his laughter is music, and his love is pure.

Please pray for our Dima today.  Pray that he is happy, healthy, and safe.  Pray that God prepares his little heart for all of the good things to come.  Please pray for our family, too.  While we fully trust God in all things, please pray that His love sustains us through the waiting and the remainder of the paper work.  Pray that God also continues to prepare our hearts for the changes to come.  And finally, please pray for those in our lives that do not fully understand what we have been called to do.  Pray for hearts to be changed and eyes to be opened.

Happy Birthday, Dima!  We love you and are doing all that we can as fast as we can to come and bring you home.  Please know that you are already so loved.  You have a Mama and a Papa who are over the moon in love with you, 3 brothers that fight over who gets to hug you first, and a church family that is praying for you each and every day.  You are special!  You were fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who loves you even more than your Mama and Papa or your brothers.  Hang on, little one, we will be there soon!!

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