Tuesday, May 10, 2011

(Im)patiently Waiting For the Mail

I am hoping that we receive our fingerprint appointment letter in the mail today.  As soon as I have that letter in my hot little hands Eric and I can make arrangements to head to the immigration office and get our biometrics (fingerprinting) done.  We are also going to be asking our family doctor for a letter  stating what the possible complications are of a child with Down Syndrome so we can give it to our future immigration officer.  Immigration is not necessarily expediting petitions to adopt from Dima's country, but if there is a possibility that a child  needs medical attention, they will expedite.  Eric and I do not know much of anything in particular about Dima's health, but we do know that we will not really know for absolute certain until he is home and has been examined by our pediatrician.  Medical care in Dima's country is vastly different from that here in the States and who knows what they have diagnosed Dima with and why.

So as we wait the boys and I have been busy with finishing up our school year.  Yesterday afternoon for our P.E. class (physical education) we played in the pool for 5 hours!  It was heavenly.  Below is a video from our fun.  Take note of the 2 boys rocking their mohawks.  The pool water seemed to react with the dye and now Elijah and Nathan have purple mohawks!

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