Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Not About Me

Given some things that I have heard from fellow Christians over the past week regarding our decision to adopt Internationally (and a special needs child to boot!), I feel the need to share that this is not about me or Eric, or our selfish desires.  If you took a moment to examine the sacrifices that families repeatedly make to adopt these children, you would plainly see (I hope!) that this is anything but selfish.  It saddens me that people could be so hardened and turn away from God's plan for all people.  Those that have the hardened hearts may not see it that way, by the mere fact they are blinded by their hardness of heart.

Our humble little family has been stretched and bent in ways I did not even know possible.  We have been blessed to see God work miracles in our lives and that of other families that have boldly stepped out in faith.  I rejoice in the goodness of God and see it!  I see little ones who their own families believed were destined to die a slow, lonely, and painful death restored to health and happiness by those that saw it the way Jesus sees it!  I see families not quite funded on their rescue mission be fully funded in a matter of hours.  Jesus sees where there are needs.  I see the heart of my own children changing and desiring to serve God without apology; to see beyond themselves.  Jesus had to work on Eric and I first and show us His way.  Do you not think that if we were doing something so "awful" that maybe God would not have brought our family this far?  God's love knows no boundaries- I pray that my love never has boundaries, either.  That would be awful!!  God will also hold Eric and I accountable on how we teach our boys to love their neighbor as themselves.  Our neighbors are not just the people that live here in Ocala, FL, or the State of Florida, or the Southeastern United States, or the United States in general- the entire planet is our neighborhood.  God died for all people!  So here we are.  Humbly walking in the way that Jesus has shown us.

I would like to share the following song with you.  I pray that you would see it the way Jesus sees it.  It's not about me (or you!).  All that we are doing is for HIS glory and fame!

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