Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Day of Prayer

Today is the National Day of Prayer here in the States.  It is a day when Christians all over the country take the time to pray for their country, their community, their schools, their families, and anything that God puts on their hearts.  Our church is open all day for people to come in and pray and we will be having a special prayer service at 7:00 this evening.

Given that today's focus is prayer, I would like to share some very specific prayer requests about our adoption.  Will you join Eric and I in praying for these petitions?

*First, please pray for our file with immigration.  Please pray that we are assigned an Immigration Officer ASAP and that our fingerprint appointment comes this week or early next week.  The sooner we get through immigration, the sooner we can send our Dossier over to Dima's country.  The sooner our Dossier gets to Dima's country, the sooner we can be given a court date.  You get the picture.  Expediency is our prayer!

*Second, please pray for Dima's safety until we can get to him.  While he is still residing at Baby House 18, he turns 7 on May 15th and could be transferred to an institution before we get there.  Please pray that he remains at Baby House 18!

*Third, please pray that the Lord would prepare Dima's heart for what is about to take place in his life.  While we know that he desperately wants and needs a Mama and a Papa, it is still a major adjustment for  a child and we know that there is a period of mourning that Dima could experience.

*Fourth, please pray that we would be fully funded by the time we need to travel.  As of now we only need to raise $15,000!  That may seem like a lot, but we had started out needing $25,000- we have already raised $10,000 (more, if we include our pre-adoption needs)!  Eric and I have applied for a grant from a local company and we are praying that we are blessed with a grant that will significantly help us reach our goal.

*Fifth, please pray for our health and safety.  While we still do not anticipate traveling until July, it never hurts to start praying for our health and safety on the trip!  Please pray for our safety as we travel and that we stay healthy and strong to endure all that we must accomplish.

*Sixth, please pray for Jeremiah, Elijah, and Nathan.  While they are super excited to be getting a new brother, they are also well aware that mom and dad have to be gone for a bit of a stretch.  They will be with their Grammy and Pa Monier and will no doubt have lots of fun while we are gone, but please pray that the Lord would give them each peace while we are abroad.  It will be just as tough on Eric and I to be away from them, too!

*Finally, please pray that I have someone with whom I can travel on our second trip to Dima's country.  Eric only gets 2 weeks of vacation and our first trip to Dima's country is 2 weeks.  By law there is a 10 day waiting period to see if anyone contests the adoption and so during that time we head back home to the States for a week or so.  To get Dima home I must return and would rather not have to go alone (for safety reasons).

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement.  Have a blessed day of prayer!

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