Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am fairly certain that most of you reading this blog have heard of or even read the book Radical by David Platt.  If you have not yet heard of this book and you claim to be a Bible believing Christian, I challenge you to read this book.  No, it is not the Bible, just a book written by a man. But this man has a very relevant message to share with today's church in America.  A very urgent and relevant message.

Eric has taught on this book 3 times at our church and we were pleased that some really understood the urgency of the message.  One woman even downloaded it to her Kindle as Eric was teaching and she has been doing all that she can to live her life radically for Jesus (she is in her 70's!!)!  For me personally, I do not ever want to forget what I read.  I do not ever want to forget that there is a sense of urgency here.  People are dying, suffering, hell-bound, and we in the church feel the need to quarrel over tiny, insignificant things.  There are people in our own community suffering in ways we cannot fathom and churches are more about entertainment and tickling people's ears.  They do not want to offend anyone by speaking the truth.  There are children dying, alone, and very afraid in this world and some people could care less because they are not American children.  Even though these thoughts have been swirling through my brain for the past 2 weeks, typing those words and then reading them makes me sick at my stomach.  Our culture is so self-centered and it must grieve God so very much.  I am sickened even by my own selfish thoughts and behavior!  I do not want to be "stink" to my God- I want to be fragrant and potent.  I want to live a life that would direct people's attention to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Even if that means people do not want to be my friend or say nice things to me (or about me), even if that means Eric and I give up everything to save one life, even if that means not being fully understood, even if it means that I make people angry at me, I. Don't. Care.  I cannot live my life the same as I have lived for so many years.  I just can't.

So what does this all have to do with our adoption?  Why is this in our adoption blog?  Because God has used Dima and the other 146 million orphans to change our lives for the better.  God has shown us the suffering of innocent little children and Eric and I could have very easily asked, "Why are you, God, allowing this to happen?"  Instead we heard God whisper in our hearts, "Why are you not doing something about this?"


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Dobrovits Family said...

LOVED this book...

I am Catholic and it is SO RELEVANT for our parish which is very well-to-do and entrenched in the Gospel of American Prosperity...

it was instrumental in helping open my mind and heart to adoption!