Monday, May 9, 2011

Videos from Elijah's "Mohawking" Day!

Eric and I were certain to take video throughout the "mohawking" process.  It took all afternoon and into the evening since we did it in stages.  All in all I would have to say that yesterday was THE BEST Mother's Day I have had so far in my mere 8 years of being a mother.  Next will be even better since I will be able to celebrate it with all four of my awesome boys.  Elijah told me last night before bed that he would like to get a dyed mohawk for me every year for Mother's Day- what a swell guy! Ha ha!  Well, enjoy the videos and have a great Monday!


schoolmother said...

Yay, for the great results on the Mohawk challenge!

Anonymous said...

I love these - thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!! Your boys - all four of them - are so awesome. I'm so grateful that Nico has them as friends!

Rochelle said...

Love it! So awesome!