Friday, May 6, 2011

We Received a Grant!

Yesterday afternoon Eric and I were informed that we are the recipients of a grant from a company called Christian Financial Resources.  The grant is for $2500 and that amount is reflected in the thermometer located on the left-hand side of our blog.  Eric and I are over half way funded and now only need to raise $12,500 to meet our goal!  But the manner in which we received the grant is nothing short of a divine appointment and we are amazed at how God works.

Back in March a gentleman, Mike, from CFR had an appointment with Anthony, our senior minister.  Anthony had been called out on some sort of emergency so Mike was directed to Eric's office.  Eric and Mike chatted for awhile and eventually the conversation turned towards family.  Eric happily showed Mike the pictures hanging on the wall of our boys, and in those pictures are pictures of Dima.  Eric shared our family's story and Reece's Rainbow with Mike.  When it was all said and done Mike asked if we would like to be considered for a grant from CFR.  That was not at all difficult question to answer!  We absolutely wanted to be considered!  Over the past several weeks Eric and I complied the necessary information for CFR and yesterday all of our efforts paid off.

We are so grateful for our grant and humbled that God would work in such an amazing way to bring funds to our adoption efforts.  As I share in almost every entry, love always wins.

On that note, please do not forget Elijah Mohawk Challenge!!  Click here to see Elijah's video on how you can participate.  We still need to raise $12,500 in order to be fully funded and we can see the light at the end of a very long tunnel!!  You can also participate in Dima's 1,000 Birthday Wishes  by donating a mere $10 to our FSP and passing the word along.  Again, if 1,000 people donated just $10.00, we could raise $10,00 putting us just $2,000 shy of being fully funded!  $10.00 is not really much money and most of us spend that much at Starbucks in a week.  Is not the life of a child more important than a cup of coffee from Starbucks?

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