Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When I Have No Words

I really have nothing super exciting or deep to share today.  Well, not entirely true.  Eric got a text message yesterday that our I600 arrived at the lockbox and we should be receiving our letter for fingerprinting in 7-10 days!  THAT is good news.  I was a little bummed, though, because I thought that once we received our text message we could go get fingerprinted right away- not so much.  Eric and I also got a mountain of papers notarized by a sweet woman from our church last evening.  She was so careful and happy to help.  The only papers that we have left to notarize are some letters (I think) to the State Department of Adoptions in Dima's country.  We are so much closer than we realize but this momma's heart longs to have her little man home forever!

In the meantime enjoy the videos that I have posted below.  They are from Reece's Rainbow and share some waiting children.  In the first video I recognized several of the little ones (Anna & Tanner, Dima's best buddies are in the video and were adopted almost exactly one year ago!) who have since gone home to be with their forever families.  While Eric and I certainly want to tell everyone about our Dima and raise funds to bring him home, it is also our deep desire to see other little ones be found.  There are so many children all over the world, really, that need a family.  Yes, God is the Father to the fatherless, but we, as Christians, are the hands and feet of Jesus and need to move!    

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