Thursday, June 2, 2011


I JUST received the email from our Immigration Officer that we have been APPROVED to adopt Dima (at least Stateside)!!!!!  This means we can now send our Dossier off to Dima's country so we can get our SDA appointment!!!!  WOW!!!!  Just WOW!!!!

To celebrate our approval I am going to TRIPLE the entries for our Nook giveaway for today only.  So for instance, a $5.00 donation gets you THREE entries for our giveaway.  Will you join us in celebrating this major milestone in our journey?  Now that we are able to send our Dossier, that means we will be traveling in about a month or so- we need to raise the money now more than ever!!!


The Mac's House said...



I will be donating a little money today in celebration with you!

Aislinn said...

WOOHOOOOO Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!

Rejoicing with you!!