Thursday, June 30, 2011

Front Porch Evangelism

This morning a young man knocked on my front door.  He was an articulate, polite, Latvian college student.  He is studying law and on a summer program here in the States selling educational books door to door.  I did not invite him into our home since we have all had the stomach flu, but I happily listened to his pitch on our front porch.  The books were awesome but I did not purchase any since we are saving our extra pennies for our adoption.  So when I politely declined the books this young man asked why.  I then shared with him that Eric and I will soon be visiting a country next to his to adopt a little boy with Down Syndrome.  This visibly made no sense to him and he asked, "Why would you do that?  There are places for people like that".  I smiled and very gently said, "Yes, our home is one of those places".  This nice young man seemed to think that we were nuts but I explained to him that Dima, our son, was fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of the universe.  It was very surreal to be sharing this with an Eastern European on my front porch.  I love divine appointments.

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CareBear said...

WOW! Challenging those old beliefs one person at a time... Praying your conversation will resonate in his heart and that God will show him new ways to see "people like that."