Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HUGE Prayer Request - Urgent!!! *Update*

Well, the news I had been dreading for months now has finally arrived.  Dima's country will be shutting down temporarily for 3 months starting July 11th.  This came out of nowhere as I had been reassured by one of the facilitators that this was not going to happen.  Our Dossier is over in Dima's country, and that is a good thing, but I have a  feeling that if we are not submitted tomorrow that we could be delayed in bringing our Dima home by months. Chances are that if we are not over there for an SDA appointment by the end of June we will probably have to wait at least 3 months as well as redo most of our paper work.  I am beyond sick at the moment and ask that you all intercede on our behalf and Dima's.  PLEASE pray that we are submitted tomorrow and that we are able to get to Dima by the end of the month.  It would be very short notice, but I do not care.  I would drop everything and leave this moment if I could.  Please please please pray!!!!!

I do need to say, however, that the changes are supposed to be for the better.  While that is all well and good, I do not want Dima to be transferred to the "other place" while there is a change made.


I spoke with my Stateside helper and things look positive for us.  It is possible that we could be traveling in the next 2-3 weeks.  Now more than ever we need to become fully funded!!

Oh and I should clarify that Dima's country is not shutting down to visitors, just adoptions, and just temporarily.  I had some very frantic questions about that- ha ha!  So please keep praying and please pray for the families that will be put on "hold".  


Aislinn said...

You are all in my prayers, too!!! We serve a Great and Mighty God!!

I am SO hoping you are submitted tomorrow!!!! I will be stalking yuku and your blog :)

Hugs for you,

Aislinn said...

We are definitely praying for you guys! I keep my husband updated on the adoption, and he doesn't even know you guys! :)

Praying for the best outcome!