Thursday, June 23, 2011

Never A Dull Moment

It is safe to say that with our family there is never a dull moment.  Yesterday was one of those days that I would just assume forget ever happened.  Did you ever read the book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?  Well, that title keep swirling through my brain as the day just kept getting worse and worse.  Allow me to recap my day for you:

*Received email from Embassy- no more SDA appointments until after the closure.
*The AC in the house died.  That was really awful as the heat index was 106 yesterday!
*The AC in the van died.
*Sammy started to spike fevers of over 102.
*Elijah came home from VBS with a broken heart.

But my God is bigger than all of that and I am so glad that He is!

I had lots of time to think last night since I was up and down with Sammy keeping his fever down.  At about 2:30 this morning I had a sense of peace wash over me.  I suddenly felt no sadness, no anxiety, no worries.  God is taking care of my worries and burdens one by one, all in His time.

The email from the Embassy?  Well, that was a bummer, but Dima is not my child, he ultimately belongs to God.  God cares for and loves Dima so much more than Eric and I.  We need to trust His timing with Dima's adoption and we know that regardless of the outcome we will be blessed.  I did, however, wake up to a fantastic phone call my from Stateside helper telling me some very good news- OUR DOSSIER WAS SUBMITTED TO THE SDA!!!  Eric and I do not expect a travel date any time soon, but we can pray that the closure of adoptions in Dima's country is shorter than 3 months.  We can take this time to prepare our hearts even more for Dima, get Sammy and Dima's bedroom perfected, be here to celebrate Elijah's 7th birthday, etc...  I have peace!

The AC in our house?  That was fixed last evening by a friend of ours and he did not even charge us.  He said that it was one way he could serve Dima now.  How thoughtful and touching.  We are so grateful, especially Sammy who was spiking fevers over 102!  I was ready to pack that little love up and head to the Holiday Inn Express for the night!

The AC in our van? Is still dead, but at least the van runs, right?  One thing at a time.

Sammy's high fevers?  They broke this morning and we had no major hallucinations.  Sammy is famous for hallucinating with high fevers.

And Elijah's broken heart?  A tough lesson learned and I think, maybe a confidence builder (a momma can hope, right?)

So today I can rest in my Lord and know that He has got it all under control.  Part of me is looking back on yesterday with a little bit of a laugh because it was just nuts how awful it was.  God's mercies are new every morning.

In the meantime, Eric and I are about to really learn the meaning of patience.  I am not sure how long that will take, but we will be obedient.  I think the following will be our new theme song:


Anne & James said...

we bought 2 wrist bands and recieved our paid info from paypal. Have you sent them out yet? We email you and got got an emailback.

CareBear said...

"Mom says some days are like that. Even in Australia." I LOVE that book!

So glad to hear you were submitted! Yea!!!