Friday, June 17, 2011

Now That The Dust Has Settled

Amazingly I was able to sleep last night.  But I dreamed of Dima.  I dreamed of meeting him for the first time.  In another dream I received an email saying that we were submitted today (June 17th) which is impossible because they only do submissions to the SDA on Thursdays.  And I dreamed of having Dima here at home.  At least I got some sleep.

As of now we really do not know what is going to happen.  My Stateside facilitator told me that we might be submitted next Thursday (June 23rd) but that is still no guarantee that we will make the cutoff.  Please pray that God would move this mountain standing in our way.  This mountain is standing in a 7 year old little boy's way, too.  Dima has waited for a family for so very long and it must be heartbreaking to see others be adopted and yet there he remains.  In the meantime Eric and I will just take each day as it comes and just trust in the Lord.

On a really positive note, Jeremiah and Elijah come home today from a 2 week trip up to Pittsburgh, PA!  They went to visit my mom, dad, brother, and grandmother.  From everything that I have heard it was a fantastic trip and everyone had a great time.  I sure did miss my boys, though.  I am not one of those mommas that likes to dump her kids off with anyone who will take them- I love being around my kids!  I am also excited to see my mom and dad and celebrate my mom's birthday, Father's Day, and the boys' homecoming in one fell swoop.  I also know of a little someone who is eager to have his big brothers home.  Oh how Sammy Wammy (Nathan) loves his brothers!  He is also excited to see his Mimi and Pappy.  Today will be a good day!

In other positive news my friends Lindy and Guy House arrived home to FL last night with their two new sons, Gabe and Levi.  Their trip was an amazing adventure though their sons' stories are just beginning.  I cannot wait to meet those little loves and see them in person!  Another Reece's Rainbow momma, Catherine, sprung her two little girls out of the same orphanage that Dima is in.  Sweet Nastya and little Moira (now called Francesca and Victoria!).  It has been fun and enlightening to read her blog over the past month, giving me a very realistic view of what it will be like for Eric, Carol, and I while we are over there.  Catherine had spotted Dima twice and was able to give me little updates.  But now that her little ones are busted out of that orphanage I will be at another family's mercy to get updates until Eric and I can get there.  Jen Johnson and her husband, Wayne, were just there to meet their three new little ones, Elliot (Seth), Gloria, and Samuel.  At the moment they are back in the States awaiting their court date and once they receive their court date they will head back over to that unnamed country and stay through the 10 day waiting period.  I will eagerly follow their journey, too.  Better yet, I hope to be over there at the same time!  Oh and a little shout out to Jen- I just now realized this morning that you and Wayne had your wristbands on!  Oh how that did this momma's heart good!!  For as silly as this may sound, it was as if a little piece of our family was there with you, in the very same building as Dima!  Thanks for wearing them!

Finally, if you are local to our area, my friend, Cris, will be having a huge yard sale at her home tomorrow (June 18th) to benefit our adoption.  I am beyond blessed that she is so willing to do this for our family and for Dima.  This will be our third yard sale and I pray that is just as successful if not more so than the other two.  There will be lots of super nice items there and the donations keep coming!  If you want directions and times, please send me a private message and I will happily share that information with you.

Thanks for reading our blog and riding this roller coaster with us.  Please keep praying!

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Carla Dobs said...

Thanks for the sorry you were not submitted yesterday...

we just shipped our dossier yesterday and also hope to be submitted on the 23rd...

I will keep you in our prayers also as we wait...