Friday, June 24, 2011

Now What?

Well, our papers have been submitted and we have a bit of a wait.  What in the world are we going to do to pass the time?  Thankfully we do not lead a boring life and we will have lots to keep us occupied over the next few months.  I also want to continue to advocate for orphans and help educate those around me that still may not fully understand that there is indeed an orphan crisis in the world.

July will be our last full summer month.  Elijah will be celebrating his 7th birthday and I know that he is thrilled that we will be here with him.  I am pretty thrilled, too!  Hopefully our little family can take some day trips to the beach and I would even love to have a night of camping out, too.  I know that Eric's mom and dad have some plans to take the boys camping in their camper at some point and that will be lots of fun for them.

August winds up summer for us but not before Jeremiah and Elijah spend a week at church camp.  This will be their first year and Eric and I are so excited for them!  They get to stay in cabins and everything!  Not too long after that school starts up once again.  This year we have enrolled the boys in Classical Conversations.  It is homeschooling but you also have one day a week where you meet with other students have a day of "school" all together.  It will be meeting at our church this year and we are very excited to begin a new homeschooling adventure.

September brings about more school and church activities and maybe, just maybe we will get some good news.  We can hope, right?  If not, October will be the earliest that we hear.

Please keep Dima and his country in your prayers.  Please pray that the government would not keep things closed for too long.  I am hopeful because of something I read in another adoptive family's blog this morning.  They are adopting from the same region as us and they had their court date today.  The family shared that, "The judge praised the USA for allowing it's citizens to adopt special needs children".  That is very good news!  That indeed gives me hope.

Finally, please keep our family in prayer.  While we do have peace about this wait, that doesn't mean that we will not have our moments of "I want him home now".  Each time we sit down for a meal I see that empty spot at the table and I feel a twinge in my heart.  When I tuck Sammy in bed for the night I look at the empty bed and wish I had another little face to kiss.  Waiting can be tough sometimes.

Eric and I are also grateful to those of you that have been so supportive in so many ways.  We would not be able to do this without any of you.  This adoption is not really about just us or Dima, it is about each and every person that will come in contact with Dima.  He will impact so many lives!  God has a great plan for his life!

On that note I must get back to waiting (ha ha!).  Lots to do.  Have a great weekend!

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Rochelle said...

Praying with you through the closure. I was so hoping you would get an appt before the closure but, understand God's timing is perfect. I look forward to the blessings he showers on you for waiting patiently and the fun you will have with your littles this summer.