Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On Dima: Why He Is Worthy & Deserving

First, I want to point out that Eric and I had decided back in April to retain his birth name.  We were blessed to see videos of Dima and in the videos we could hear people call him Dima.  When we committed to him we had been told that the name Dima was merely a "code name" to protect his identity.  Eric and I truly did not know what his name was for quite awhile!  When we finally received his official birth name and realized that the nickname Dima was an actual nickname for his birth name, we decided to stick with it.  Unfortunately that has caused some confusion for many since so much of our material has the name Daniel David, a name that we had chosen before we found out what his name really was.  It was only last night that our FSP button (link to our Family Sponsorship Page) was updated to reflect the fact that we are not changing Dima's name.  So to be perfectly clear:  We are NOT changing Dima's name to Daniel!!!  He will retain his awesome birth name!!!  I am, however, withholding the full birth name until after Dima is officially and legally ours.

O.K., so now onto the good stuff!  I am going to share parts of emails that have been from people that have met Dima in person and have spent time with him.  I cannot openly share the name of the country or city in which Dima lives so that information will be censored.  I also cannot openly share who these emails are from, I can only give "general specifics".  Enjoy!

"Anyway, I adopted from this orphanage in 2003...I went back in 2009 to see the changes many families have made there...many of us started a charity to help he kids left behind..anyway, on my visit, I met Dima and got a lot of pictures from him.  You can view pictures from this orphanage at ********  The place has come a long, long way since 2003.  Dima is loved there...the caregivers brought him to me and told me how smart he was...he lived with his bio family for a while...he seemed quiet, maybe shy, and has a good attention span...while many of the other kids were kind of wild, he was building with blocks.  He was in a group w/ 2 other DS kids that were adopted last year...Anna and Tanner.  Enjoy the pictures...I am SO thrilled to see that Dima finally has a family!"

"Anyway, onto Dima!  By the way what is his real name?  So, how I saw him was we were sitting in a little covered area near a play area and all these non-special needs kids came running out to play.  I was standing by a toy cupboard and Dima ran up to me and said something in Russian.  I think he was asking me to give him a ball, so I did.  He said thank you in Russian and paka (bye).  He is super cute and very, very hi high functioing!  He is with a group of typical kids.  The caregiver didn't like that I took his picture, so she had all the kids move to another area.  He is really a cutie!  He must be favored because when the caregivers....  He seems well-liked by the other kids, too.  Several of them were joking with him.  If I see him again I will take more pictures.  T'm not sure they will let me hug him, but I will try!"

"I saw Dima again today.  Sorry I wasn't able to get a picture.  He was walking in line with his group.  I yelled out, "Hello Dima!" and he turned and smiled at me and pointed to himself and said, "Dima!".  He is precious!"

"We are ....  We saw our videos on your blog and we were really happy.  We want to check some other videos on our PC concerning Dima and if it is we need time to process them and then we upload everything on Youtube.  We are absolutely glad thinking about little Dima having a new family!!  In Italy at the moment it's 2:00 a.m....little bit late!  So tomorrow we're gonna take time to write you and tell something more about Dima...."

"Hi there!  Last night I could not sleep for the happiness of the news, Dima is going to have his family....his mom and dad!!  WOW!!  ....came up in the bedroom and woke me up just to give me the good was 2:00 in the morning!  I have to tell you the truth- all children in orphanage was lovely but I give a little more attention to not know why...but he touched my heart.  I have a cousin who suffers from Down Syndrome and I know what it means and I though the little boy would never have a family of his own.  I brought candy for everyone...but I gave him some more!"

"I'm so thrilled to hear the news!  Oh my goodness you have no idea how happy I am...well I know you are happy, too!  But oh you are going to be so much happier when you meet this sweet, wonderful, beautiful little boy!  He is a doll!  His workers are going to be so happy to know he's going home, finally.  They tried their darndest to get us to adopt him, too, and if we'd been approved for thee we would have.  He would run up and hug me and call me Mama- melt my heart!  He will also be able to do what my kids could, and that is always so helpful.  The workers potty train them, made them dress themselves, feed themselves, and they were a decent weight.  Dima seems healthy.  My kids came home parasite free, and Dima was in the same groupa with my kids....  Oh I forgot to add that Dima is a hugger and he's waiting for his Mama, really and truly waiting with plenty of affection!".

So you see, my sweet Dima has been waiting and waiting for his Mama and Papa.  He is a real little boy with lots of love to give and Eric and I are a Mama and a Papa with lots of love to give to him in return!

Below are a bunch of videos taken by the family from Italy last July.  You will see Dima with his groupa laughing and playing with his friends.  I do not think that there is a need for an explanation, just watch and see what a wonderful little boy he is!  Dima is real, not just an abstract idea or mere picture on our blog....

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LineMarie said...

Of course everyone falls in love with him, he is soo sweet and beautiful. I love all the videos. Such a precious little boy. I can't wait to see you hold him and bring him home.