Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Dossier Is On Its Way!

I am over the moon excited to share that our Dossier is on its way to Dima's country!  We committed to Dima on February 7 and today is June 7.  Five months of tedious paper work is now behind us- I am amazed.  The ETA of our Dossier is Friday, June 10, but I am praying that it gets there sooner.  If all is well once our Dossier is reviewed we could be submitted to the SDA (State Department of Adoptions) within the next 2 weeks or so!  It is safe to say that come next month, I will see my precious Dima and be able to tell him that his Mama and Papa are here to love him forever.

So what was our "Dossier Day" like?  Well, I will not lie, it was a little stressful.  We had to drive to Tallahassee, FL from our home in Ocala to get all of our documents apostilled or "authenticated".  Basically it is a notary of a notary, but super fancy and official.  It took about 4 hours to even get there and then we had to wait about 45 minutes to have our documents authenticated.  Nathan was with us, too, which added a fun element.  He was so well behaved and excited to be along for the ride.  While we waited for our documents the three of us played with his Mighty Beans- we know how to have just about anywhere!  From there we went directly to a pack and ship place to ship everything off.  We did not want to risk loosing all of those important papers!  Once Eric checked everything, and rechecked everything, it was done.  We prayed over the package, shed a tear or two, and that was it.  All of our hard work was done.

This is what an apostille looks like.

Our stacks of 37 documents!

Eric carefully goes over the check list just one more time.

I teased Nathan that I could just ship him to Dima and then he and Dima could be shipped back together.  Nathan was not sure about that.

O.K., ONE MORE look over the check list....you can never be too careful!

Eric prayed over the package- goodbye Dossier!  Or should I say PAKA Dossier!

That was our super fun, adventurous, and exciting day!  So what is the next step in our journey to Dima?  Well, wait.  Now we wait for our Dossier to be submitted and once that is submitted and the powers that be over in Dima's country like what they see, we will be invited over for our meeting with the SDA.  That meeting is simply a petition to adopt Dima and at that time we will hopefully receive permission to meet Dima and spend time with him.  During that period of time we will be assigned an actual court date in Dima's region where we will officially become his Mama and Papa forever!

All of that sounds so exciting, right?

There is one minor catch at this time, however.  We are about $9,000 short on our funds.  Eric and I are working hard to add to our funds, but unfortunately, yes, we still need to do some fundraising.  Please do not forget our Nook giveaway!!  In celebration of our Dossier being sent, I will QUADRUPLE your entries today!!!  Yes, a mere $5 will get you FOUR entries, $10 will get you EIGHT, $15 will get you TWELVE, $20 will get you FORTY, etc... . This will end at midnight tonight even though we still have a week to go for this giveaway.  To see our giveaway click HERE.  We have other fundraisers in the works, but this will probably be our last giveaway.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, encouragement, support (both financial and emotional!), and patience with us as we have embarked on this journey to Dima.  Without you all we would not have been able to do this.  To rescue a child who is so very deserving of a forever family.  Thank you.

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I'm headed over to the other post to put in $20 in celebration of your Dossier!

Woohoo! It is getting close you must be so excited!