Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stalking Our Dossier & Holding Dima Info Hostage

I've been dutifully stalking our Dossier since we sent it out.  As of this moment it has left Paris, France several hours ago and is heading somewhere else, hopefully Dima's country.  It is so very exciting to think that in just a few short weeks we will be meeting sweet Dima; I cannot even imagine what it will be like!

I've been getting some updates from a Mama, Catherine, who is currently at Dima's orphanage getting her 2 sweet girls, Nastya and Moira.  She has seen Dima a few times and even managed to snap that one picture that I shared awhile back.  While I am itching to share the information, I think I will hold it hostage for awhile.  Our Nook (a NOOK COLOR, by the way!) giveaway is not doing too well and at this point we are barely making enough to cover the cost of the Nook itself.  SOOOOOO.......if you want to hear some really sweet Dima stories we need to get this Nook giveaway going!  If we make $200 today I will share the most recent email I received about Dima.  Click here to get to the original post about the giveaway.

Dima with another Mama, Raffaella, last July. This sweet Mama adopted Dima's friend, Anja and they live in Italy.  See how Dima is hugging Raffaella?  He so desperately wants a Mama of his own!!  
   So what are you waiting for?!

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