Sunday, July 24, 2011

11 Days

We leave in 11 days to go to a part of the world I never in a million years would have ever expected to.  But we are not going on a luxury vacation or a short-term missions trip.  No, we are traveling all those thousands of miles to rescue a little boy from a grim future.  A little boy who we have never met but have seen in videos and pictures.  A little boy whose smile spoke to me saying, "Mama, please come get me!  I need you!".

Today as I lay quietly during nap time I reflected on our last several months.  God has done so many amazing miracles for Dima and I am in awe of Him.  I reflect upon everyone's initial reaction and how over the months that, too, has changed and in different ways for different people.  For some, their initial reaction was that of shock and now they are thrilled for us and excited, too!  For others, it has been just the complete opposite.  Their initial reaction was positive, but as the months passed they have grown cold towards the idea.

There have been several families inquire about adoption with us and one family in particular is actually stepping out in faith and in the throws of an adoption of a Reece's Rainbw cutie, too!  Other children have been found and I believe many more will be found after Dima comes home.  God has already used this little boy's life to change the lives of others.

My priorities have changed, too.  My children and their well-being has always been my number one concern, but now not only that.  I now have a renewed sense of appreciation for them.  I always knew that being a mom was amazing, but when you really let God take over the controls of being a mom, well, then it gets so much more amazing and wonderful!  He has such wonderful things in store and it is so easy to see that being a mom is indeed my first priority and season in life (but not above my relationship with the Lord).

When I think of actually boarding that plane knowing that I will come back a changed woman and with a new child I get butterflies in my stomach.  Anticipation.  Good anticipation.  Sure, I am not going to lie- I am a little nervous about the long trip and what it will be like after Eric leaves Carol and I behind, but one thing I am absolutely certain of:  God will be with us the entire time and He has got it all planned out and taken care of.  This morning a dear woman from our church left an unsigned note on Eric's desk and on the note was a lovely angel pin.  At first I thought that I would attach the pin to my backpack but then as I read and re-read the note I decided to keep the whole thing, note and all, in my backpack and refer to it when I start to feel homesick or worn out.  It was such a beautiful note written out of a genuine love for our family and it was so very touching.  Both Eric and I were moved to tears.

This upcoming week is going to be a tough one as I pack and prepare for our trip, I must pack up my oldest two boys for their first week ever at church camp.  One week from today I will be saying goodbye to Jeremiah and Elijah until the beginning of September and that is going to be extremely difficult as Eric and I leave before their return home.  I know that they will miss me and I know I will miss them until it physically hurts.  But the separation is temporary and for a worthy cause.  Jeremiah and Elijah understand this, too.

In the meantime Eric and I are taking every opportunity to make some special memories with the boys before they leave.  We've let them jump into bed with us, give them those extra hugs and kisses, and take more time than normal to listen to them.  It has been good for us to slow down a little since once Dima gets home life will be moving at a slower pace for awhile.

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