Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adoptive Mommas Nest, Too & We Saw Dima Today

Today Eric and I were in nesting mode.  You would have thought that I was about ready to give birth to a baby at the rate we were cleaning and organizing, but no.  Instead we are preparing to embark on a journey to the other side of the world to welcome our new son.  A journey that is completely different from a jaunt to the local hospital to give birth.  And thankfully, this time no surgery required!

Eric and I were also treated to a glimpse of Dima today.  Another adoptive family is currently in Dima's region adopting 3 little ones from the same orphanage.  For the past few days my fellow adoptive momma had attempted to see Dima but to no avail.  I had resigned to the fact that the next time I would see Dima's sweet face would be when we actually meet him for the first time.  Instead I was taken back when I logged into my Facebook account and saw a picture of Dima that had been taken today!  There he was in all of his glory! Dima had been playing outside and there was dirt all over his little face.  He was wearing a camo shirt and was playing with a toy gun. Our first thought was that he will fit right in with his brothers.  My boys love to play outside with the Nerf guns and dig in the dirt/sand.  There are some days that when the boys come in from playing all you can see are the whites of their eyes because they are covered with dirt!  When I showed the pictures to the boys they were very excited and Elijah said, "I think Dima is going to be soooooo much fun!".  You know what?  I totally agree!  My fellow adoptive momma took nearly 50 pictures of sweet Dima but I will only share my 3 favorite pictures.  You can see that Dima is ALL boy and loves to play.

Precious Dima.  If you look closely at his mouth you can see some food.
Dima was showing his visitor his gun.  He was very proud of it!
He shot at his visitor and she played dead for him.  Apparently he got quite a  kick out of that.
I can hardly wait to get the call that it is time to go but I am also relishing the feeling of anticipation.  For the past few weeks I had felt somewhat helpless and upset with the news of the temporary closure.  Now I am extremely grateful and going to savor every moment of our journey.

The past few weeks have also strengthened our faith.  If anyone doubts the power of prayer I would love to share with them the amazing ways in which God has been faithful to us and so many other families.  God truly loves these children and has wonderful plans for their lives.  Our family is looking forward to watching how God uses Dima for His glory.  Then again, I have already seen evidence of this.

Hold on sweet Dima!  Just a few more weeks and you will be able to play in the dirt with your very own Mama and Papa!!


Rochelle said...

Can't tell you how excited I am for your family and the Ukraine news!
God is so amazingly good. Don't know why I am ever surprised by the miracles he continues to bless us with.
Can't wait to see Dima running around in your backyard!

Joy for the Seasons said...

Oh I have such sweet tears in my eyes for your family and precious Dima. I cannot wait to read posts here about life with him. Praying for y'all!

Carla Dobs said...

Oh goodness he is just adorable!!!
We have little guys here who love water guns and camo too :-)

I am so happy you will get to travel to get him soon!!