Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Elijah!!!

Yesterday was Elijah's 7th birthday.  A few weeks back Eric and I thought that we might miss our sweet boy's birthday due to our travels but we were thrilled to be here to celebrate a most special day.  Birthdays are a big deal in our family.  Whoever's birthday it is gets to run the day and pick out something fun to do, what we eat for supper, and gets to have whatever kind of dessert they want (we do not limit it to birthday cake).  Our dear Elijah asked to go to Jervey Gannt, our local public pool which is on the other side of town.  We have a swimming pool but ours does not have a water slide or splash park and we swim in it just about every day.  So Jervey Gannt it was!  Elijah also chose to invite his Grammy and Pa Monier to join us which made the afternoon all the more special.  The boys (and Momma) had a great time going down the water slide, splashing in the waterfalls, and we had a celebratory lunch of concession stand hot dogs and slushies- a good time had by all.

We all continued the celebration once Eric got home from work and we had Chinese take out (we were too tired to go out anywhere from being out in the sun all afternoon!) and then opened gifts.  And as for dessert?  Elijah had chosen a cheesecake sampler with one large candle.  He asked to have sparklers instead of a candle but we were all out.  One of Elijah's gift was a criminal profiling kit so the boys asked if they could fingerprint each other and then dust for fingerprints.  Why not, right?  Elijah then surmised that if he had Nathan's prints on file he could dust for prints in his bedroom to see if Nathan broke in to play with their toys!  Smart boy.

There was other excitement last evening while we were eating cake.  Our little Nathan lost his very first tooth!  He was rather surprised as were Eric and I, but it was exciting.  The sweet little love cried when he saw the blood, but soon settled when he realized that Daddy was going to purchase the tooth back.  The Tooth Fairy does not visit our home as our boys were a little too clever to believe that.  So instead Momma and Daddy buy the teeth back at a very fair price ($1.00 per tooth is the going rate these days!).

All in all it was a fantastic day and Elijah's birth was celebrated.  We could not imagine our lives without him.  Elijah is one of the most caring, thoughtful, compassionate, and creative little boys I know.  We love him so very much and are so grateful that God gave him to us- we are blessed!

As for any adoption news, we did receive a message from one of our overseas facilitators.  He was essentially telling us that he had no news, and anything he had heard over in that country at this point would be pure speculation or rumor.  We should, however, have more news sometime after July 11th.  That information was better than nothing at all and we continue to pray that the temporary closure is short and sweet.  Will you please join us in prayer on that matter?

For now we will continue to enjoy each day as it comes.  Celebrate what deserves to be celebrated, enjoy the slower pace of summer, prepare for the upcoming school year, and look forward to the day we receive the call to go rescue our little boy across the sea.

It is safe to say that we are incredibly blessed with 3 wonderful boys and know that sooner rather than later we will be blessed with another.

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