Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Fantastic News!

I received some good news today that the SDA is back in business and will be issuing appointments at the beginning of next week!  So what does that mean for our family?  It means come next week we could be getting the best phone call ever and our SDA appointment date.  There is some speculation as to how quickly we will be traveling, but it could be very soon like within the next 2-3 weeks!  

So today I gathered all of the clothes and other items I have for Dima and have it all ready to put into a suitcase.  Tomorrow I will do my clothing (Eric will have to do his own clothes!) and then make a major Wal-Mart run and stock up on other items essential to our trip.  It is surreal that we are so close to meeting our son and all I can think about is how Dima has no idea what is about to hit him!  As he lays in his bed tonight he has no idea that he has a family preparing to go and rescue him from a life of being an orphan- wow!  With God, all things are possible!

Here are some shots of our very first travel preparation:

As you can see we are fans of Thomas.

His ironed clothes & some toys.

The first article of clothing I ever bought for Dima- I cried right in the middle of  Wal-Mart.

Peep Peep!

Conductor Dima!

Toys to take to the orphanage to play with him.

This is the quilt that Eric's mom made for her new grandson.

Our last major obstacle is being fully funded.  We are $4,000 short.  Starting tonight and going through July 14th, my friend, Colleen Kudis will be hosting a Cookie Lee jewelry party to raise money for Dima's adoption.  For details click here.  Be a part of Dima's redemption story!!


Joy for the Seasons said...

Jenny, I am so stinkin' excited for you!! I adore all the precious things you have for Dima. I cannot wait to see your photos of him in the Thomas clothes and playing with his special toys. Praise God!!

LineMarie said...

LOVE the little thomas hat !! He's gonna be super cute !!!!