Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Week From Today, Two Weeks From Tomorrow

This is going to be brief, but I just had to share.  We leave one week from today.  In fact, our flight to Frankfurt leaves THIS time next week.  WOW!  It is a little overwhelming to think about and sometimes it doesn't seem real to me at all.  Two weeks from tomorrow we meet Dima.  Again, WOW!  SO surreal and amazing.

Please pray for me, though, as I have not been feeling well since Monday.  I'm coughing, sneezing, sore throat, headache, fatigue, etc...  I am also not one to go run to the doctor for an antibiotic as I am only able to take two different ones (I was on antibiotics too much as a child) so I reserve them for when I am super sick.  I am praying that it is just fatigue and allergies.  I need to be WELL before we leave.  Thanks!


Shannon said...

Oh, praying you feel well fast. Load up on vitamin C and probiotics!

Curious - how do you know what day you're going to meet Dima?? So exciting... we're right behind you! Lift-off in 9 days!

The Monier Family said...

Shannon- I am not 100% certain, but that is the information I was given by an overseas facilitator through my stateside helper.