Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Single Digits!

We are officially in the single digits in our countdown- 9 days until we leave!  I've been busy getting things together for Jeremiah and Elijah and have had to start getting things together for our trip, too.  The boys, all three of them, are really excited for both camp and the arrival of their new brother.  They have also shared that in two years they would like to have a sister- gracious!

I have also had the opportunity to speak with Catherine Ferrone who returned from Dima's orphanage just one month ago with 2 very special little girls.  Speaking with her and hearing in her own words just what it was like for her was very reassuring.  She was very honest with me that at times she was counting down the minutes until she could leave but now at times she misses that country.  I suppose if you spend more than a few days or a week in any one place you leave a part of yourself there.  There is a part of me that hopes that in the future we can return once again (to the orphanage) and make a difference for God's Kingdom.  Who knows what that would look like, but never say never and always be ready to heed God's call.

In the meantime would you please keep the following in prayer for us?

*Please pray that Eric and I would be able to get sufficient sleep at night.  We are just so excited and our minds are reeling with lists, thoughts, prayers, etc...  that we are not getting very much sleep at night.  We want and need to be well-rested for our trip so we stay healthy.

*Please pray for Dima, that he would continue to be excited about our arrival and receive us well.  We already hear that he is so very ready to have his Mama and Papa, but we do not want him to be disappointed.  Also please pray that he would have peace in his heart as he gets to know us.

*Please pray for Jeremiah and Elijah as they prepare to head off to church camp next week.  Please pray for their health, safety, and protection.  Also please pray that they would have a great time and grow in the Lord.

*Please pray for Sammy that he would adjust to us not being here.  He is very attached to us and tends to get homesick after being at his Grammy and Pa's for just one night.  Pray that he would be brave and strong.

*Please pray for Eric's mom and dad (David and Susan) as they watch our boys in our absence.  They have a big responsibility and lots of activity and schooling to get done while we are gone.  Pray for their stamina and strength.

*Please pray for dear Carol who has so graciously offered to travel with us and remain behind with me in Dima's country after Eric heads back to the States.  Pray that she would remain healthy, well-rested, and strong in her faith as she travels with us.

*And finally, please pray that we would be fully funded before we leave.  While my fundraising bar at the top of my page states that we had been needing $4,000, it is probably more than that due to the fact that Carol and I are staying in Dima's country for an extra 2-3 weeks.  But since we do not know EXACTLY how much our rent will be, or exactly how long our stay will be, it is difficult to know exactly how much is needed ahead of time.  Please be aware that we can still accept donations while we are overseas and would still greatly benefit from them as we will need to pay rent.  Our apartment will not be fancy, just efficient and meeting our basic needs.

Thank you for your prayers!

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