Thursday, July 14, 2011

Whirlwind Days

Every day this past week has been a whirlwind.  The boys have had VBS at our former church home, 2 of the boys have had dental appointments (our youngest has had multiple appointments), I have had a dental appointment (1 of 3), things keep breaking or "busticating" as my Grammy would say, and Eric and I are trying to get our minds around the fact that we leave in a matter of WEEKS to bring our son home!  Eric and I are so excited, actually, that we are not sleeping very well, either, which makes for rough hectic days.

Still no specific date, and at this point I do not expect to hear until next week or the week after.  If I hear sooner, I will be majorly surprised.  Surprises can be good, though. Today I actually do not have to be anywhere other than picking the boys up from VBS so I will work on packing Dima's bag.  Amazingly I know his size now (5T for anyone interested) and can easily pick through Nathan's clothing and the clothing I have set aside for Dima and get some outfits together.  I just need to get him a pair of shoes and I am not going to buy pair there as shoes are expensive over there.  I am also looking for a stroller to use to get him through 2 airports.  It feels a little odd to be looking at strollers again.

In fundraising news, we just became much closer to our goal since we are doing something unique with our travels.  A dear couple from our church has offered us the use of their Buddy Passes for the airline that the husband used to work for!  It is like flying standby, but if we follow the route that was suggested by the wife who has been watching a few different routes for the past few months, we should not have any problems.  This sweet woman has been watching flights for months for us and has been super helpful!  She even went to the church yesterday to sit down with Eric and explain how it all works.  We are so grateful and touched by our church family's desire to be a part of bringing Dima home!  Anyway,  apparently this particular route starts in Atlanta, goes to Frankfurt, and then to the capital city of Dima's country.  We only live 6 hours from Atlanta so Eric has no issue with driving the three of us (our friend, Carol is still accompanying us!) to Atlanta, spend the night in a hotel, and the fly out the next morning at an obscene hour to Frankfurt.  Before we agreed to use the Buddy Passes, flights were going to run us upwards of $7,000!  Now our flights, at most, for all 4 of us, will be $2,800 round trip!  HUGE difference!  That now means that our fundraising goal has changed and I need to sit down and carefully refigure everything.  We have had some more donations come in and I need to recount everything.  But if my estimates are correct, we are down to only needing $4,000 to be fully funded.  Totally doable, right?  I think so.

On that note I must get back to work.  So much to do, so little time!  Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, and donations.  Dima is beyond blessed to have not only a family that cares about him, but so many other friends and family, too!!


Terra Jones said...

Isn't is awesome how HE provides!!!!

LineMarie said...

This is such good news!!
I think of Dima a lot and I pray that he is safe and healthy until you get to him :)