Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And The Winner IS........!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / Leaving In 15 Hours

Sarah Goodman!  Unfortunately for our winner we did not raise enough to purchase an iPad for her, but she, too, is adopting a Reece's Rainbow cutie and I'm sure that the $211.55 will help her family out with their adoption funds, too!  To see Sarah's precious little one, Caroline, click here.

We are still short on our funds, but at this point there is nothing more I can do other than just flat-out ask for donations.  We leave in 15 hours and we do not have the funds for return flights and rent towards the end of our stay.  For as excited as I am to go to Dima's country, I would like to be able to come home to my boys and my husband.  I think my traveling companion, Carol, would like to return home, too!

So yes, we leave Ocala, FL at 4:00 in the morning to drive to Atlanta to catch our flight to Frankfurt.  It is going to be a solid 24 hours of traveling for Eric, Carol, and I, but it will be worth every moment.  At this point in time I cannot even begin to describe the emotions I am feeling.  One moment I am super excited, the next I feel as though I will become physically ill, and then I am absolutely fine and perfectly calm.  At this exact moment I am calm and would give anything to take a nap, but I need to tie up a bunch of loose ends here at home.

It is so surreal to think that I am actually about to leave the country to adopt a little boy whom I've never even met, but in some ways it feels as though I've already met him.  If this time last year someone came up to me and said, "Hey, a year from now you will be preparing to travel to an Eastern European country to adopt a 7 year old boy with Down Syndrome" I probably would have laughed and walked away without giving it another thought.  But here I am.  God asked, and I answered.  Eric answered, too.  It is amazing.

From everything I have heard from others that have met Dima our family is in for a real treat.  I cannot wait to watch Dima interact with his new brothers, the dog, friends and family...everything is going to be so new and different for him!  That sweet little love is in for a treat, too, having a family that will love him unconditionally forever and ever.

Finally, I wanted to share with you all a sermon that Eric preached this past Sunday.  He does not know that I am sharing this, and if he did he would be so super embarrassed, but it is something special.  This past Sunday was Family Sunday in our church where we invite the children into the service to be a part of everything.  Children are so very important and Eric's desire is to help train families to be better equipped to train up their children in the Lord.  This was also the very first time that Eric ever preached on a Sunday morning, so yes, he was maybe a little nervous.  But it was special to Eric and I because God has worked on us throughout our 10 years of marriage on what is important in life.  It is children, family, and spiritual growth within families.  Eric was also able to share some personal experiences that led us to our decision to adopt and he talks about a very special family that has had a HUGE impact on our lives.  So if you would like to hear his sermon, click here.


The Peterson's said...

How much more do you need for your trip? Praying for you guys. :)


Aislinn said...

My husband and I are sitting here reading this and praying for you....Everything will come together as it needs to and I am certain God will bring you and Dima home!!!
Hugs and much love :)
Aislinn and Andrew

The Monier Family said...

To answer Amy's question, we are about $2,000 short. In the grand scheme of things not so bad, but we have had a lot of unexpected dental procedures on our youngest in the past few weeks which ate into our adoption funds. God funds what He favors!

The Peterson's said...

Would it be better to donate to your paypal button on your blog or is there and FSP that should be used? Just in case anyone needs this info. ;)


The Monier Family said...

Amy- I will leave that to the donor's discretion. If they want to make a tax-deductible donation, then by all means use our FSP:) If that does not matter to the donor, then our personal Paypal is fine. Thank you!

Carla Dobs said...

God Bless you all and keep you safe while you travel...

not official yet, but we may see you in Kiev, we are trying to move our SDA date to the week of August 22!